Jul 18, 2013

BeFreier und BeFreite

Long before the release of the relatively mainstream German war-drama A Woman in Berlin (2008) aka The Downfall of Berlin: Anonyma (2008) aka Anonyma - Eine Frau in Berlin directed by Max Färberböck—a work based on the autobiographical 1954 novel of the same name (known as Eine Frau in Berlin in Germany) about the author (who originally had the book published anonymously but was later revealed to be journalist Marta Hillers) and her real-life hellish and positively pitiless experiences as one of the many Teutonic women raped during the invasion of Berlin by the Red Army—kraut communist/filmmaker Helke Sander (Break the Power of the Manipulators, The Trouble with Love) would release what would be arguably the most controversial and strangely politically correct film of her career, BeFreier und BeFreite (1992) aka Liberators Take Liberties, a two-part 192-minute documentary about the collective pillaging and despoiling of Berlin’s female population by the Slavic and mongoloid Soviet Red Army soldiers. Divided into two distinct yet overlapping documentary parts, Liberators Take Liberties first starts by interviewing the victims, as well as male and female members of the Red Army, and the second part focuses on the now-grownup ½ Russian bastard children who were conceived when a commie entered their mommie against their will. What makes Liberators Take Liberties especially interesting, unconventional, and seemingly wacky is that far-left feminist director Helke Sander attempts to argue these rapes were worse than the average gang rapes because they were acts of “genocidal rape” aka “sexual genocide” due to the fact that the victims were racially pure Aryans brought up on National Socialist ideology, thus the fact that untermensch/subhuman Slav communists committed these acts made it all the more devastating, so it should be no surprise that over 90% of the women that unfortunately got pregnant this way decided to abort the bastard babies, but as the second half of Liberators Take Liberties shows, some of these bastard ‘hate children’ survived and have now filed for “damage caused by occupation.” Unfortunately, but rather unsurprisingly, it seems that very few ex-Red Army veterans want to take credit for their own prized pussy pillaging, but considering the Germans also damaged Russia and Eastern Europe as the Bolsheviks did before them during and after the revolution (and the various man-made mass starvation following it), it is quite understandable that they would engage in such savage behavior as their God given right as vengeful victors who had been dreaming of revenge for decades. 

 As explained in Liberators Take Liberties, the Wehrmacht (Germany army) ran around 500 of their own brothels during the Second World War and each prostitute would service around 30 German soldiers daily. Of course, the Soviets were less accommodating to their soldiers’ sexual needs, but luckily they had a psychopathic Teutonophobic Jew propagandaist by the name of Ilya Ehrenburg who, aside from promoting kraut-killing and the extermination of Germanic peoples with lunatic lines like, “We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day... Do not count days; do not count miles. Count only the number of Germans you have killed,” promoted the rape of Aryan women and relished the fact that largely due to his kosher hate campaign, to quote his own propaganda, “that blonde hag is in for a bad time,” and indeed she was with upwards of 2 million individual women being raped in Berlin alone between the ages of roughly 7 to 70 years old, with at least 10,000 women dying in the aftermath of said sadistic sexual pillaging. Of course, the Russians, including the female members of the Red Army, do not exactly remember it that way and, like many rapists often do, actually go as far as blaming the victims for what happened to them. For example, a Soviet painter who fought in the Red Army as a wee boy claims that Teutonic femme fatales with STDs would aggressively approach Russian soldiers because with their venereal diseases, “one German woman could put 15 Russian men out of action.” Of course, with popular and catchy rape revering jingles like “this is my rifle, this is my gun, one is for killing and the other is for fun,” it was hard to imagine that rape was anything other than a joyous experience for the sexually repressed Soviet soldiers, many of whom had not seen women in years, let alone fornicated with them. The rapes were so bad in some areas, that one victim in Liberators Take Liberties, herself a communist who was imprisoned by the Third Reich, explains that out of some 28 or 30 girls she went to school with, around 16 or 18 of them had ultimately committed suicide after being viciously vaginally ransacked by members of the Red Army. Just to give an idea of how absurd and ‘normal’ rape had become, one German woman, whose family members were forced to watch, was raped no less than 128 times continuously, but luckily she passed out after the 15th time and somehow survived the absolutely odious ordeal. As one of the more honest Russian gents explains, rapists oftentimes “queued up” in lines of 5-6 fellows to get their turn at pillaging a woman. Naturally, any woman who resisted rape or any German man that attempted to stop it was shot on the spot. These mass rapes were far from a temporary sort of thing and lasted until about the winter of 1947–1948 when the Soviets finally decided to separate the soldiers from the local residents and had them confined to guard posts and camps.

 Not unsurprisingly, many of the children that were born out of these Slavic-on-Aryan rapes did not seem especially disturbed by their unholy background as it is the only thing they knew. Quite absurdly, one woman, who is apparently the spawn of a German mother who was raped by a French officer, admits that her family members were not that outraged nor distressed by the rape as the frog rapist was from a cultivated background, unlike many of the ruski men of the Red Army. One of the rape bastards, who was initially told that he was the product of a consented romance between his mother and an American soldier, was quite disillusioned to learn at age 40 from his elderly mom that he was really spawned from a Russian rapist, so it becomes all the more absurd and ironic that he has gone on to becoming a card-carrying communist who admits he has committed acts of ‘sexual violence’ against women. Despite the popular portrayal of American troops during the Second World War as being perennial noble liberators who saved Europa from National Socialist barbarism engulfing the continent, GIs were only second to Russians in rapes committed against German women. In fact, German fashion model turned singer/actress Nico (born Christa Päffgen), whose father died in a concentration camp after suffering brain damage as a soldier, was apparently raped at the mere age of 15 by a GI in the U.S. Air Force who was later executed for his crimes. Of course, as briefly mentioned in Liberators Take Liberties, it was only typically negroes who were punished for their vaginal pillaging by the U.S. military, which is no surprise as it would be quite obvious what happened if a bunch of little Günther Kaufmanns (himself the product of a Bavarian mother and black American father) ran around as opposed to conspicuously kraut ‘pure Europid’ Amero-mutts.

 Indeed, while Helke Sander portrays other groups as victimized in the documentary, when it comes down to it, Liberators Take Liberties is a cinematically and academically vapid ‘pussy power’ propaganda piece that goes so far as to associate sexual intercourse as a form of violence, with even one of the victims of Russian rape summing up the entire film with the remark that “violence is connected with sexuality” and that she absolutely loathes having sexual intercourse. Quite honestly, I wanted to like Liberators Take Liberties, even in spite of the fact that I knew beforehand that it was directed by a humorless femi-commie, yet this two-part documentary could have easily been half as long as it devotes far too much time to interviewing subjects about seeing irrelevant topics as opposed to sticking to facts. While I can appreciate the fact that Sander documented the victims’ stories before they died, the filmmaker’s almost pathological obsession with women as perennial victims and men as eternal pigs makes Liberators Take Liberties a patently prosaic document that will only be tolerable, let alone enjoyable, to those rather unfortunate individuals that had the tortuous task of studying so-called ‘women’s studies’ at the undergraduate level. 

-Ty E

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