Feb 10, 2013

Bottom X


Undoubtedly, I have seen my fair share of decidedly deranged and delinquently debauched films, but I can state without the slightest hint of hesitation that – for better or for worse – New England homo-auteur Todd Verow’s surpassingly sickening cinéma vérité documentary Bottom X (2012) is the most ghastly and revolting film that I have ever endured in my entire life and I tend to watch no less than three movies a day, most of which are in some way subversive and/or unkosher. Based on the real-life personal blog “confessions of a bareback cunt” written by the pseudonymous wayward interweb writer "bare_whore24," Bottom X is a soul-damaging DV document about one HIV-positive human cum-bucket’s real-life sadomasochistic encounters with superlatively seditious sodomites and semen-demons who are living the discrete dirty ‘dream’ of creaming an already disease-ridden man with their spoiled Satanic seed. An uniquely unsettling doc on clearly sexually and emotionally damaged individuals, Bottom X, despite being a no-budget work shot on diarrhea digital video, more resembles a nefariously nauseating Dogme 95-style science fiction nightmare that is more perturbing, piggish, and (unfortunately) penetrating than any surrealist genital landscape that Swiss artistic H.R. Giger could dream up about a fiercely foul fellow who describes his life’s work as being a cryptic yet committed “cum dump.” Bent bastard bare_whore24 sums up his lethally lecherous life at the conclusion of Bottom X with the perversely proud statement of a self-crowned semen-sanctifying champion: “First 50 load weekend. I feel like the biggest cum dump on the planet.” By “50 load weekend,” this aberrant anonymous ‘anti-hero’ means that he had no less than fifty strangers of Sodom come to his bare-bones apartment in New York City and ream his ripped rectum with their diseased ramrods, but not without saving their spudwater so he could squirt it out of his ass for the candid cocksucker camera. Needless to say, Bottom X is as close as films come in making the viewer feel as if they have been vehemently violated as a victim of a vile virtual virus that not even a triple viewing of The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1986) could neutralize. 

 Who is “bare_whore24” and how the hell did he get so fucked up? Was he raped with a dildo at the ripe age of 6 by his half-retarded step-uncle? These are the questions that I compulsively asked myself while watching Bottom X; a debasingly damning document of one S&M maniac’s masochistic obsession with sinisterly swimming in a creamy cesspool of contaminated man-juice. A proud poz-cock pervert whose asshole is a veritable petri dish for breeding the most ungodly sorts of super bug STDs yet known to man, the shameless subject of the documentary is clearly not satisfied with simple computer viruses, so he actively recruits renegade aberrosexuals off wacked-out adult classified websites and has heretical homos literally waiting in line to pack his rancid fudge within a mere 10 minutes. Indeed, Bottom X goes well beyond simple poofer pornography as something more venomously and viciously visceral as a morbid and moribund document of the sexually insane featuring disturbingly defiled individuals whose idea of eroticism has the inverse result of standard sex because instead of producing progeny these wretchedly wanton fellows consciously spread disease and inevitable death, thus bringing true meaning to the quote at the beginning of the documentary by Romanian 'Theatre of the Absurd' playwright Eugène Ionesco: "Suffering and fear are born from the repression of the death wish." As written on the back of the DVD case of Bottom X: “None of the scenes were staged, re-enacted or directed by the filmmaker or subject. Everyone presented in the film is over the age of 18 and consented to being filmed.” Indeed, Bottom X is a rare documentary work where one not only sees the sadomasochistic spread of deleterious disease via bareback buggery, but also severely stomach-turning footage of a man squirting STD-ridden spunk out of his broken brown-eye and snorting it up his nasty nose. A completely corrupt cum collector who probably has a larger quantity of population paste than the average inner city sperm bank, the pathological poof known as “bare_whore24” is nothing short of a dedicated harvester of dead biological souls and an ungodly grotesque grim reaper of suicidal Sodom. A mystical masochist who believes that, “it’s not important” how many loads he shoots because “it’s all about my bareback cunt,” bare_whore24 is a real-life example of the more unsavory sodomites who live on the more wayward and wicked side of Brokeback Mountain, so Hollywood homos be advised, Bottom X is bugger blasphemy to p.c. pansies and limp-wristed LGBT loonies.

Forget Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975), Water Power (1977), Cannibal Holocaust (1980), Niggas’ Revenge (2001), The Life and Death of a Porno Gang (2009), Melancholie der Engel (2009), and A Serbian Film (2010), Verow’s Bottom X is aesthetic warfare of the completely creepy and incapacitating sort and the only film that has caused me to cringe and wince since my more innocent grade school years. That being said, I never plan to see Bottom X again, as the mental misery and metaphysical malady that is this decisively diseased digital documentary has already done enough damage to my soul for a lifetime. Admittedly, after seeing Verow’s somewhat recent work Between Something & Nothing (2008) not too long ago, I thought the subversive sodomite auteur might have gone soft since directing S&M serial killer flick Frisk (1995), but Bottom X is as aesthetically brutal, beasty, and sleazy as films come as a fetid visual feast of fatality fetishism. Featuring voice manipulated narration by ‘star’ bare_whore24 that sounds like Jeffrey Dahmer talking through a vocoder in some sort of homo Hades and a direful portrayal of the human body that totally transcends the biological absurdity of genuine autopsy videos and abhorrent Viennese Aktionism, Bottom X is an absolutely odious yet obscenely objective portrayal of a man who has stared into the semen abyss and unflinchingly decided to jump in head first and bring as many other hexed homos with him. As an accidental anti-AIDS PSA, Bottom X might be the only film ever made that could stop some man-juice starved homo from swapping sperm with the first guy to answer his craigslist ad, or even de-recruiting him from fagdom altogether, for not only is this one of the sickest movies ever, but also one of the most unflattering portrayals of homosexuality ever crafted. Much like Rosa von Praunheim before him and his cock-sucking cinematic compatriots John Greyson and Bruce LaBruce, Todd Verow portrays Kinsey 6 sex in a passionately perverse manner that puts to shame the sort of anti-poof propaganda that any Pentecostal pastor could ever produce. Bottom X is a deathly decadent depiction of death sex, and nothing more and nothing less.

-Ty E


jervaise brooke hamster said...

"One of the most unflattering portrayals of pansy queer filth ever crafted", that might just be this films one and only redeeming feature.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Is the dog a faggot as well ?.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

So you followed the sedateness and charm of Effi Briest with THE most loathsome film you`ve ever seen, an interesting choice.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Ty E, i`m murderously homo-phobic (as you well know of course) but i suppose you do have to be grudgingly applauded here for having the nerve and unmittigated gaul to reveiw something that literally NO-ONE else on the entire internet would touch with a fucking barge-pole.

Anonymous said...

"Nigga's Revenge"

That would probably make for an... interesting review.