Jun 17, 2011

Sex Wish

It seems the golden age of pornography has finally caught up to me this month. What, with all these mid-70s roughies that have found their way of falling directly into my lap. Following Sex Wish was The Intrusion but to discuss that gem would be best saved for another time. Sex Wish was directed by Victor Milt under the pseudonym of Tim McCoy and starred at least two prominent adult stars, Harry Reems (best known for Deep Throat) and Zebedy Colt. What should be quite obvious of Sex Wish is that it is a pornographic rendition of the classic vigilante film Death Wish. What shouldn't be obvious is how of quality the film actually is and the lengths of extremes both male adult stars traverse to prove that they have other talents aside from 'dropping loads'. Opening with a soapy bathtub massage, Ken (Reems) writhes in pleasure under the commissioned hands of a committed fiancee as he discusses his vacation (business and pleasure) when the topic changes to that of geisha girls. "Uhh, yeah! Most everything they say about those geisha girls is true!" A fun fact of Sex Wish's would be that this nod to geisha girls and Ken's trip is later made into its own little adult film tentatively titled Harry and His Geisha Girls. The possibilities of the canon could be endless, if the character reprises a similar past. Whether or not it was an influenced notion or an actual predecessor is unknown to me but fun to imagine, be it as it may. The act of foreplay turns into erotic conquest and then changes locations within the apartment frequently, ending with them on the floor. A charming aspect of Sex Wish isn't the graphic penetration but rather the incredible chemistry the two lovers share. I found it to be a bit odd that I was so interested in the idle banter and pillow talk. Following the course of action required by the title, Ken's exit from the premises rebounds with Zebedy Colt's entrance, severing Ken's happiness. Ideally, Sex Wish could serve as a document to the Night-Walker's intimidation of female sexuality. Being a notable gay adult star, Zebedy Colt is no stranger to depravity and arts considered taboo. Directing the infamous The Farmer's Daughter the same year that Sex Wish saw release, it can be seen as obvious that both lent an air of inspiration to the opposing role. Playing both rapist and father of a daughter in the span of a year, Colt proves vividly that no role can be too above his charisma. Just take Sex Wish in account, where Zebedy Colt channels retardation exquisitely as he coos for mother and punishes women for teaching dirty tricks to her sweet boy.


Whether or not masturbation is your muse, Sex Wish is a marvel of plot-driven pornographic detail. Reems' mourning seems to resonate awfully sound with the male species, if not being a bit too comically poetic. Ken soon slips down the slippery slope of uncommitted sexual encounters realizing that the greatest salve is the anonymous embrace of the common whore (duh). After subsequently taking a drunken crawl from melancholy to bedding down two hookers, Ken begins a sporadic crusade of searching for the man last seen in his complex with a cane and briefcase. Partitioning this with a tender and well-shot and scored scene of lovemaking - Sex Wish then throws something that was never evident in Paul Kersey's world of urban rot - passion. With Ken and his lovely neighbor offering each other both their bodies and a bed (supplied by the latter), the two quickly succumb to one of their most primal instincts. One of the more memorable scenes for certain, Harry Reems' character shows that there is much more to covet than satin sheets or canopies, although the film itself is guilty of utilizing these with a lucid intention. Perhaps it was for a princess effect lost amidst the muck and depravity. Further emphasizing Zebedy Colt's "killer" performance is the use of what sounds to be wailing theremin, creating a suffocating atmosphere, especially when you take in account the obscene ways Colt brutalizes his victims, whether it's using a dildo for a vaginal thermometer or the alleged cut scene of Colt forcing a woman to eat the severed genitals of her lover. Pure speculation though, but I wouldn't be surprised as he is caught castrating a Negro. Moments of fleeting brilliance and a touching and obsessive conclusion are afoot in Sex Wish. It is a must that you see it through to completion, otherwise it's memory will be awash with tedious sexual encounters. This is a porno, after all. Although it was born of this nature, there does exist, behind the curtain, a reason and a means. Sick and twisted? Of course. If you stumbled in on Sex Wish searching for any sense or sort of decency then your disappointment will be your own betrayal, not the film's. For what it is worth, I greatly enjoyed Sex Wish and I cannot wait to track down more featuring Zebedy Colt.


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Unknown said...

One of the best of the 70's roughies and certainly one that sticks with you. (A great way to creep out your lover btw, is to start impersonating Colt's high pitched voice that quickly transforms into a manic screaming.) Reems and Colt both were great in this. Also, I see we both have the "smurf-blue" print of this.