Feb 4, 2011

The California Reich

Whenever the mainstream media documents a group of neo-nazis, they always look for the most impotent and pathetic racist rabble they can find. The prerequisite for a neo-nazi to be on television is homemade swastika armbands, inarticulate philistine idealism, and the blind worship of Adolf Hitler as an invincible Christ-like figure. In the 1975 documentary The California Reich, a group of neo-brownshits hilariously bastardize the American pledge of allegiance with the following catchy jingle, "I pledge of allegiance to Adolf Hitler, the immortal leader of our race and to the new order for which he stands. One great cause, sacred and invincible, the hope and future for all Aryan men. Heil Hitler!" The subjects featured in The California Reich look a little different from the typical modern day media image of bald-headed-albino-neo-nazi-baboons roaming for lone minorities to drag from their beat up Japanese junker trucks as many of the neo-nazi troops featured in the documentary seem like hippies that had a bad trip on acid and forgot about the brilliant metaphysical philosophy of karma. The neo-nazis that do not look like lost Jerry Garcia fans seem like early comic book fans that took the ideology of Superman too seriously and decided to save the world from the reign of Tschandala. In fact, the neo-nazis featured in The California Reich make most of the white nationalists featured in the 1991 documentary Blood in the Face seem like an elite Aryan aristocracy. 

While watching most of these neo-nazi SS-schlock-fest documentaries, I always wonder how these gangs of misfit untermensch ever get organized in the first place. One leader of a 1970s era neo-nazi party, Frank Collins, was discovered to have been born Jewish in Dachau concentration camp. In 1979, Collins was arrested for molesting one of the members of his Hitler's Youth group. Despite being a holocaust survivor himself, Collins planned to march his crew of nazi neurotics through Skokie, Illinois, an area that had the most concentrated Jewish population in the United States during that time. Despite winning a landmark legal battle (which gave him undeserved media coverage) to march through Skokie (an area that had a large holocaust survivor population as well), Collins decided to call the march off. It is without question that like his Talmudic brothers, Collins had an instinctive knack for marketing and exploiting legality. Recently, it was revealed by Jewish neo-conservative author Ezra Levant in his latest book, Shakedown, that the Canadian Jewish Congress paid an ex-cop (John Garrity) to infiltrate a Neo-Nazi organization. Garrity was used to build up the membership of the neo-nazi group and professionally organize them so that they would at least be worthy of sensational media coverage. The ultimate goal of the Canadian Jewish Congress was to give to the appearance of a perceived neo-nazi threat so that Canadian freedom of speech would be partly demolished (eventually resulting in Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act) to satisfy the conspiring Judaic organization's desire to criminalize criticism against Canadian Jewry. Knowing this cryptic propaganda war led by a prominent Jewish organization, it is not hard for me to question who funded and organized the group of degenerate fan-boy-fascists featured in The California Reich. In fact, the American Nazi party unit commander in Los Angeles, California was at one time a Jewish homosexual named Leonard Holstein, a fact that American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell (whose father was a Vaudevillian comedian that was friends with Jewish propagandist Walter Winchell and Groucho Marx) was well aware of. Crypto-Jew Daniel Burros, the man that was the inspiration for Henry Bean's engaging film The Believer, was also the American Nazi Party's greatest propagandist. 

Aside from a couple of the sapless stormtroopers, none of the neo-nazi leaders featured in The California Reich seem to be of the chosen race. Neo-nazi leader of the San Francisco movement, Allen Vincent, is clearly a schizoid individual who openly admits that he developed a second personality while being detained in various reforms schools and prisons. Facts like these make The California Reich an often unintentionally hilarious documentary, certainly not a production capable of recruiting functioning individuals for the neo-Hitlerite movement. I especially enjoyed a scene in the documentary where a man wearing a swastika Santa Clause costume comes into nazi headquarters and gives out presents to good little Aryan boys and girls. Easily, the individual with the most martial prowess and discipline featured in The California Reich is Ken McAllister, a factory worker and former small arms instructor for the marines. The most delusional (but seemingly harmless) neo-nazi featured in the documentary is Paul Raymond, a good ol' boy who lives in a small town (only a square mile in size) and drives around in his brother's intimidating military truck (with a swastika on the door). Raymond brags about how not many towns can claim they have an active neo-nazi movement, proving that even rural Americans have wild dreams. What all of the neo-nazi leaders featured in The California Reich have in common is that they have no idea how impotent their situation is and no matter how many times they pray to their homemade altars of Adolf Hitler, nothing will change their hopeless cause. 

The only thing that slightly disturbed me about The California Reich is the behavior of the neo-nazi's children in the documentary. One parent asks his 5 year old child what he wants to be when he grows up and he replies, "Policeman." When the parent asks the child why he wants to be a policeman, he simply replies, "Kill Niggers." It is one thing for the neo-nazis to teach their children racialist views but another to ingrain them at an early age with such barbaric and pointless racial slurs that only further compound the social problems that are bound to come about revolving around their 'unconventional' upbringing. I would actually like to see a documentary featuring the children of The California Reich as they are now. I doubt they haven adopted the esoteric Hitlerism occult philosophies of Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano as it is doubtful their parents ever took the time to read (let alone understand) Mein Kampf. It would be no surprise to me if these children grew up to be crackheads and enthusiastic participates in miscegenation. After all, if any racial pride should exist in white folks, it should be in European kultur, honest work, and cultural achievement, not in the materialistic obsession with the lack on melanin in ones skin (something that afrocentric types always obsess over). The Third Reich may have only lasted 12 years but the California Reich never existed. Modern day California could be best described as reconquista-California-wreck. 

-Ty E

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Izak said...

But Tyree: You must realize that Santa Claus truly is the model for the ultimate Teutonic ubermensch.
Hail Santa! Hail victory!