Jan 24, 2011


Some, some time ago I reviewed an abomination to cinema and porn, even cinematic porn. That [GEN-018] vile creation was my introduction to the radical redesigning of fetishism courtesy of the Genki studio. This studio, head by Daikichi Amano, specializes in a niche unpopulated by faces and names, rather victims and masochists. Featuring the new standard in degradation, many volumes chronicles women being sodomized with various insects, vertebrae, and invertebrate alike. GEN-012 features similarities to what 018 had so fondly dissected onto the quivering flesh of a nubile Asian woman in a manner that begs the question "How much are they getting paid?" Unlike the previously reviewed 018 entry involving fish, volume 12 concerns loaches and eels. To rip the roughly translated title to further give depth to the plot - "The loach's punishment and lesbian's desire in eel's crime". Further apart from its later predecessor, GEN-012 also bares a semblance of plot as our three leading ladies are witnessed gagged and blindfolded perched on the rim of a large metal drum, feet immersed in the cool water within. Upon further inspection, the water is revealed to contain swimming eels, assuredly amidst their own unknown thoughts and instincts. To think of the creatures reaction if they were to discover just what forms of sodomy await. This alone derives new meaning of the term "sadism". Hell, de Sade himself would be cowering at the voracity of Amano and his crew, voyeuristically speaking.

Beyond the extensive foreplay featured in GEN-012 is a voiced offender offering up unknown yet assertive orders to the women we can claim have no idea just what the purpose of this experiment is. Soon the fellow appears, mask and all, and kneads the womens breasts and mouths with the bodies of several eels. This doesn't necessarily shock though. If you're any advocator of Japanese culture, tentacle erotica should not be considered faux pas but as an accepted trait of the Japanese since its appearance in some time during the 1800s. Continuing on with the events, soon many wriggling eels coax screams from the written damsels. When the villain finnaly unmasks his dubious intentions, the series' consistent trademark of pantyhose in introduced over the women's faces, bulging to the breaking point with loaches and eels alike. Uttering nonsense, at least to an American audience, these women are seen hesitantly biting at each others stuffed "masks" and unleashing a torrent of slimy creatures over their laps and in their mouths. It's funny to anticipate this torture due to a purported threat over the loudspeaker.

In several ways, GEN-012 is the ultimate "grrl power" trip / feminine camaraderie adventure. This "film" just goes to show the lengths of extremities women are prepared to endure on account of an imminent threat on ones life. Being a woman surely is a hazardous occupation, one that requires little work however. As fictionally evidenced, still a viable form of proof though, enemies the world over utilize women for one thing only - sex. Before you can admire the subversive yet slimy rendition of the bare minerals Spice World had to offer, these women find themselves trouser-less being spanked with the tails of eels. Of course people reading this are going to jump to outrageous conclusions, hopefully as outrageously esoteric as this film's material is. GEN-012 is the standard for a soapy mosaic of eel penetration. However, if you're searching for films completely revolting, you might want to strafe to either of the adjacent films in the GEN series. GEN-012's introductory sentence of mundane teasing runs as long as 40+ minutes. That equates to over half an hour of women silently sobbing getting their breasts lathered with marine slime. If you entered this film expecting what I had been expecting, you would be disappointed. Amano doesn't skim though, GEN-012 is full of interspecies sadism. Disgusted women can shriek to both sides of nature, the anthropic kind or towards the plight of said species: cockroach, dog, earthworm, loach, eel, fish, scorpion - Genki does it all.

Something as primarily universal as Japanese tentacle fetish is singled out as revolting and adverse. These terms of speculation are utterly appalling though. The same in which you might judge a friend or foe for whatever fetish he might conceal. Point is, fetishism is something everyone masks. You might look at a co-worker or peer in a way situational to conventionalism but know this, he/she, too, hides a dark secret of arousal, the same as you or I. Soon after the traumatically timed foreplay reaches an end, dunking occurs, the sexual torture escalates, and 012 finally matures into the tarnished slice of degradation that the namesake alone promises. Long time coming but it rounds out nicely with a coupling of swings supporting splayed legs. As per Genki standard, stuffed panty hose to illustrate Eastern voluptuousness, the hundreds of struggling creatures arouse the genitals of any-a-poor-mistress. Objects of desire don't come clearer than this, GEN-012 is not safe for anybody - but withstands a trial of adultery and bestiality combined.



Anonymous said...

Japanese porn is generally so mind-blowingly fucked-up that it leaves the realm of mere spank material and becomes a kind of bizarre cultural study.

I own perhaps 4 or 5 old J-porn DVD's featuring every fetish a twisted Japanese mind could think up. I don't think there's any actual sex, though.

Side note: native Japanese girls tend to be pretty fucking... bizarre. As a couple of Koreans once told me, "We're Asian... and WE don't even fuck with the Japanese."

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Of course fetishism is something that everyone hides, after all this is "THE TIME OF SEXUAL REPRESSION" so what do you expect.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

"Pornography" that doesn`t make you feel the immediate need to masturbate isn`t "pornography" its just very strange, weird imagery. Of course it should also be remembered that the word "pornography" is just another hideous derogatory and demonising term derived directly from the lies and hypocrisy of "THE TIME OF SEXUAL REPRESSION" that we were all unfortunate enough to be born into.