Dec 29, 2010

Skin Gang

I finally got enough gall to watch a film by gay punk auteur Bruce LaBruce. After all, when I found out the film Skin Gang was about a bunch of queer-bashing Neo-Nazis who brutalize and gang rape a bourgeois race-mixing fag couple, I felt the film may reach a new extreme in total libertinism. Despite all the brutal buggery and explicit sexual deviancy featured in the film, the so called gay community mostly condemned Skin Gang, proving that the deranged ultra-macho masturbatory moving picture had to be doing something right. Showing his blatant abhorrence of political correctness, when questioned about the “Neo-Nazi stuff” featured in the film, LaBruce stated, “I personally think that ninety percent of current gay pornography is sort of fascist anyways.” Skin Gang is certainly the kind of film that Adolf Hitler’s strong arm Ernst Röhm (whose SA "Storm Battalion" militia provided Hitler with crucial protection up until Hitler took power in Germany) would have enjoyed watching whilst drinking a couple of beers with his Gay comrades after a day of beating up Jewish Communists.

Since most so called “progressive” bourgeois liberal and cosmopolitan types seem to think highly of themselves due to being proponents of pacifism, equality, peace, and other fantastically absurd pseudo-virtues, what better wake up call for them than being gang raped by a brigade of Neo-Nazis? After all, their pathetic belief that homosexuals are victims is destroyed as they become the victims of stormtrooping sodomites. When a person realizes that the vast majority of interracial rape victims are white women raped by Negro men, what better poetic justice for the impotent and totally effeminized white liberal male than to be brutally buggered by a battalion of boneheaded bootboys that radiate martial prowess. The skinheads in Skin Gang are a segment of the gay community that gay rights advocates prefer didn’t exist and Bruce LaBruce flaunts these men off in a way that makes the sadomasochistic fascists featured in Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising seem tame by comparison. Of course, Scorpio Rising is more about fetishistic art whereas Skin Gang is essentially hardcore pornographic skinhead-ploitation. 

During the beginning of Skin Gang we are introduced to a young skinhead who worships Adolf Hitler’s tome Mein Kampf (My Struggle) with his cock. Bruce LaBruce certainly has a uniquely sadistic scene of humor when he shows this young skinhead engaged in an erotic one-man struggle before unleashing “liquid white power” via his own personal warhead (which resembles a German helmet). This scene starts out quite humorously with the song “They Saved Hitler’s Cock” by the punk band The Angry Samoans being played in the background. I doubt Bruce LaBruce is any type of Nazi purist or sympathizer as a copy of Mein Kampf was surely desecrated by the young skinhead. Although Bruce LaBruce portrays the skinheads in Skin Gang as absurdly idiotic barbarian Hitlerites that literally jack-off to the Nazi gospel, it is obvious that the gay auteur finds this extremely erotic. 

One of the major themes (probably the only theme in the entire film) of Skin Gang is the homo-eroticism often inherent in male bonding. Whilst attempting to give his Aryaness a good teutonic pounding, a young skinhead named Reinhold just can’t seem to find the same excitement he does when hanging and banging with his fellow bootboys. Due to her blonde beauteous Barbie doll intuition, Reinhold’s aggressive lady becomes irritated by his lack of enthusiasm when robotically manhandling her. Reinhold’s byrd even yells in his face “don’t fall asleep on me” during sex as a nude Negro Mandingo hangs ironically on the wall behind the physically joined but emotionally detached couple. It is not until his racist rudeboy comrades show up that Reinhold seems finally excited. In camaraderie, Reinhold and his buddies immediately start insulting the token female. Enraged by her lack of sexual fulfillment and out of jealously of his male comrades, Reinhold’s girlfriend starts calling the gang of skinheaded goons "closet-cases" and "fags." Of course, Reinhold promptly takes hold of the situation and throws his skinhead bitch (and her worthless belongings) out into the street, surely a hilarious scene showing male physical supremacy at the most fundamental level. Despite being Neo-Nazi skinheads, the only scene that could be interpreted as anti-Semitic is when the Neo-Nazi chick complains, “Who do you think I am, Monica Lewinsky (the most infamous of Jewess whores),” in reference to semen that has landed on her less than lady-like apparel. 

Skin Gang may be a work of low-budget fiction but right-wing homo-eroticism is making its way into the mainstream. Artist and writer Jack Donovan (also known as Jack Malebranche), formerly a reverend in The Church of Satan, wrote a controversial work Androphilia, A Manifesto arguing against the effeminacy and feminism as promoted by the gay mainstream. With Androphilia (meaning “a love of men”), Jack Donovan advocates that homosexual males actually act like males (as opposed to sexually introverted “males” with female souls) and hang out with heterosexual males, something that seems to scare effeminate gays and bulldyke lesbians. After all, for all the talk of “homophobia” by the gay mainstream, what these people seem to be most afraid of is males with testosterone, no doubt the true “homophobia.” Pansy gay males (well, maybe not Bruce LaBruce) feel threatened by masculine gay men as do estrogen-deprived Femi-Nazis. After all, if there is any negative feeling that the typical heterosexual male has for effeminized gay males, it is a feeling of disgust and repellence. To call this disgust of dainty gays “homophobic” is just another display of stereotypical gay narcissism. 

Bruce LaBruce has also shown his disdain for the gay mainstream. In an interview, LaBruce stated, “I’ve been held back as much by homophobia within gay culture, probably more so than by straights. Certain elements of the gay press and politically correct elements of gay culture have not held me back directly, but they’ve ignored me or tried to pretend that I don’t exist.” Surely, Skin Gang features those masculine gay males that Hollywood wants to sanitize and exterminate from existence. After all, for all the talk nowadays about persecution experienced by gays during the Third Reich, Hitler’s rise to power could not have happened without his loyal homosexual SA warriors Ernst Röhm and Edmund Heines who put their lives on the line just as ancient gay Greek warriors did before them. Although I found myself forwarding through many “scenes” in Skin Gang (I wish I watched the re-edited softcore Skin Flick edition instead), I found the film to be a provocative and daring assault against political correctness, even if it is hardcore gay porn. It is not often that you see a group of Neo-Nazis raping a Negro and yelling “Let’s get primitive, Afro-boy” and “Fuck the Monkey.” 

-Ty E

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Bruce LaBruce is a dirty faggot and he must be destroyed with malice-a-fore-thought and extreme prejudice.