Dec 23, 2010

The Last King of Scotland

The Zionists that run Hollywood certainly have a keen talent for producing fictional works (presented ambiguously as fact) demonizing their enemies and influencing Americans to hate these notorious Anti-Zionist figures. Virtually every American has an irrational hatred of the Austrian painter with the Charlie Chaplin mustache from a lifelong bombardment of propaganda via Judaic Hollywood but not as many people are familiar with a charismatic dictator from Uganda known as Idi Amin. Who better than master Uncle Tom actor Forest Whitaker to grossly caricature Idi Amin in the Hollywood Zio-Bio-Pic The Last King of Scotland? After all, Whitaker proved his affinity for playing peculiar Negro perverts when he acted as a British soldier who enjoyed the company of a racially/sexually ambiguous tranny in the film The Crying Game. In The Last King of Scotland, Hollywood goes all out parodying one of the greatest independent leaders that Africa has ever known.

Nelson Mandela and Lithuanian Jewish Communist Joe Slovo giving the clenched fist salute in front of a Bolshevik Hammer and Sickle flag.

Everyone knows that one is supposed to glorify former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela as a sterling example of humanism and peace. After all, he won The Noble Peace Prize in 1993. Of course, Hollywood loves Mandela, especially since the Terrorist organization African National Congress (ANC) that he was part of was masterminded by two Communist Jews, Albie Sachs and Yossel Mashel Slovo, the kind of anti-Nationalist leaders that the vaudevillian swindlers that run Hollywood adore. On top of giving the clenched fish salute to the iron and sickle flag of bolshevism, Mandela blew up white South African civilians by utilizing (with his Jewish buddies) his talent for terrorist bombings. After all, if you are anti-European/anti-white and pro-Jewish, you fit in perfectly with the peace-loving humanists that run Hollywood. On the other hand, if you’re black and promote black self-determination (without Jewish handlers), you’re surely an enemy of Zion as was Idi Amin. 

Idi Amin’s greatest achievement as president and military leader of Uganda was his ability to completely nationalize Uganda and destroy foreign influence from the East/West. Of course, Jews being the ancient rootless cosmopolitans that they are, hate any nation that does not allow them to take over their monetary system. Out of interest for an independent Uganda and the countries financial welfare, Idi Amin decided to expel Israeli military advisers from his country and even had plans to wage war against Israel. In fact, in the documentary General Idi Amin Dada: A Self Portrait directed by Barbet Schroeder, Idi Amin explains that he had to kick the Israelis out of his nation as they were attempting to bankrupt him. Of course, in the Hollywood film The Last King of Scotland, Idi Amin’s nationalizing of Uganda is presented as an act of irrational and despicable racism. For all the condemning of racism Hollywood does, it surely does not want the black man to stand on his own two feet but to cripple him and “pick him up” with special Kosher blessed crutches (at the cost of the evil European/Euro-American, of course). 

In the film The Last King of Scotland (based on a novel written by English author Giles Foden), Idi Amin finds his top adviser in the form of a young Scottish doctor in his early twenties. After all, what better way to discredit a true Black Nationalist leader than having a fictional second-rate Brit (a Scotsman, not an Englishman) acting as the true brains behind Idi Amin’s militaristic regime. The Idi Amin featured in The Last King of Scotland is such a buffoon baboon that he thinks that he is dying as a result of drinking too many beers and popping too many aspirin. Naturally, The Scottish doctor soon realizes that Idi Amin’s pain will soon be expelled via a bomb of flatulence. I do not think Hollywood has even gone as far as presenting Adolf Hitler in such an impotent and pathetic scenario as Idi Amin is in whilst passing bad gas in The Last King of Scotland. Maybe the quasi-bolshevik filmmakers behind the film were thinking about Uncle Adolf when they were making The Last King of Scotland as the Austrian Wagnerite did have a problem with flatulence in real-life. 

Not only does the Scottish doctor advise Idi Amin on the most imperative issues surrounding Uganda but he also enjoys coitus with one of the dictator’s many wives, surely the ultimate insult to the super pimp of Uganda. When Idi Amin finds out one of his many Negress wives bedded a white devil, he has her body so mutilated that the scene could be best described as The African Chainsaw Massacre. Of course, just as the Zionist media has portrayed Idi Amin as a cannibal with no evidence whatsoever, they have also portrayed him as a wife mutilator in The Last King of Scotland. Unlike the rumors regarding Idi Amin’s love for dark meat, it has been factually proven that the Israelis have engaged in organ harvesting, international sex slavery, and the intentional radiation poisoning of their own children (or at least the "second-rate" Sephardi Jews). Quite fittingly, The Last King of Scotland concludes with the incident at Entebbe airport where Idi Amin allowed a Palestinian hijacked airplane to land. Like all Hollywood films regarding World War II, The Last King of Scotland lets the audience know that Jews are special victims when Idi Amin gives freedom to all hostages except the Israelis. The film closes with the Zionist Braggart text: “Forty-eight hours later, Israeli forces stormed Entebbe and liberated all but one of the hostages. International public opinion turned against Amin for good.

The Real Idi Amin and his feelings on World Jewry

Despite being a film that is supposed to carry an anti-racist message, The Last King of Scotland is surely a film that attempts to exploit racial feelings, especially in white males. The viewer is supposed to identify with the fictional Scottish protagonist as he progressively experiences Idi Amin’s sadistic Negro barbarism. The real Idi Amin made no lie of his racial chauvinism but unlike Red Saint Nelson Mandela, Idi Amin was never canonized as a fighter for peace and tolerance. Despite blowing up white people left and right, Nelson Mandela has been glorified for helping to end apartheid. Of course, Idi Amin attempted to end apartheid as well, only it was the one that the Zionists have been running murderously against the Palestinians (who, according to Zionists, don’t exist) ever since they started occupying Palestine. If Hollywood only had the opportunity teach gentiles one lesson, it is this: European/White Institutions = Evil/Must be destroyed. Jewish supremacist/Anti-Nationalist Globalist institutions = Good/Peace. Idi Amin stood up against Zionist supremacy/global homogeny and despite his regime collapsing long ago, his enemies have concocted a cinematic trophy in the name of his defeat. Personally, I will always think of Idi Amin as the Negro Hermann Göring, a charismatic man with valuable principles flawed by his own eccentricity. 

-Ty E

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Kyler J. said...

Not sure if serious about when you say "Jewish Supremacist/Anti-Nationalist=Good"

But yeah, this movie is a very racist feel good white person movie.I wouldn't praise Idi Admin at all, but he's more of a victim and tool for European colonialist gain than a black monster.

It's the white colonization of Uganda and like all of Africa, that has started these wars and corrupt governments, that are anti-African and pro-imperialist.