Dec 17, 2010

All Good Things

I usually stay away from Hollywood dramas with big name stars in them as I tend to appreciate authentic human emotion (when it is done right, of course), not the contrived pseudo-emotions and sentimentalism concocted by the culture-distorting movie wizards of Sunset Boulevard. Of course, every once in a while I will watch a Hollywood drama that at least mildly interests me. When I found out the film All Good Things was based on the true story of Robert Durst, a rich and sadistic Jewish New York City realtor who got away with murdering his Aryan Shiksa wifey, I knew that I had to see the film. I was also excited when I found out that Mormon Ryan Gosling would once again be playing a deranged Jew (see Henry Bean’s The Believer for Gosling’s greatest cinematic performance as a Jewish Neo-Nazi) in the film. After hearing Kirsten Dunst finally exposed her voluptuous bosoms in All Good Things, I figured even if it is a mediocre film, at least I get to see the tits of the little vamp featured in Interview with the Vampire.

Instead of properly including the real name of failed Realtor heir Robert Durst, All Good Things features the pseudonym David Marks (played by Gosling) in reference to the pothead wife killer. Being the homely son of a rich Jewish real estate tycoon, David plays it smart and marries himself an obedient working class beauteous blond named Katie. After all, not many males have enough patience to tolerate the nagging campaigns of your typical Jewish American Princess. After David Marks introduces his prize Nordic beauty to his Jewish female friend Deborah Lehrman (based on Susan Berman, the daughter of a Jewish Las Vegas mafia boss, who Robert Durst would also be responsible for killing), the obnoxiously narcissistic Jewess says to David, “Your surprised me a little, you’re married to a nice blond shiksa (A derogatory Yiddish word for female gentiles meaning "abomination", "impure," or "object of loathing").” David is surely obsessed and even respectful of his little shiksa but that all changes when Katie decides she wants a little independence and enrolls in medical school. 

David Marks reminds me a Jew I used to live who was also named David. Like the David featured in All Good Things, my ex-roommate had a beautiful Aryan girlfriend that he used to keep incapacitated by providing her with a steady flow of high grade Marijuana. Also like David Marks, my ex-roommate would fly into erratic fits of rage (despite all the estrogen flowing in his body), pounding punches into the ribs of his shiksa girlfriend’s cute American Eskimo dog. Unfortunately for Katie in All Good Things, her husband David Marks is less restrained than my Judaic ex-roommate as he beats his blond goy toy regularly, eventually murdering her and getting away with it. Maybe if some money grubbing Barbie shiksas watch All Good Things, they will think twice about marrying effeminate and unattractive Jewish men for their blood money, but in this materialistic and highly degenerated anti-kultur post-post-modern world, I find that highly doubtful. 

All Good Things director Andrew Jarecki (who is also Jewish) is also responsible for directing the documentary Capturing The Friedmans, a repulsive and infuriating film that is all too sympathetic to its pedophile subjects, a Jewish son and Father duo who committed serial child sex abuse against many children that they were supposed to be giving computer lessons to. Like Capturing The Friedmans, All Good Things is a film that provides no criticism or condemnation when it comes to savage criminals members of God’s Chosen (for what?) race. Interestingly enough, the real David Marks, Robert Durst, felt All Good Things was an excellent film, surely a moving picture trophy to his legacy as a spoiled brat that got away with murdering his wife. Whereas Capturing The Friedmans is sympathetic towards the Friedman family, providing sentimental home movies of the pedophilic family as well as portraying the police as evil men conducting a (anti-Semitic?) witch hunt, All Good Things shows the fairly lucky life of a murder and drug indulgent sadist.  Despite being responsible for the deaths of three people (his wife, female friend, and an elderly man), Durst was only ever convicted of bond jumping and evidence tampering which resulted in a 5 year prison sentence. Apparently, Ryan Gosling made no effort in attempting to promote All Good Things and I would not be surprised if his lack of enthusiasm for the film was the result of the gifted actor realizing he played the main character in an ultimately immoral cinematic abomination (on top of being mediocre film). Also, I doubt Gosling was proud about having to dress as a middle aged drag queen (as Robert Durst did in real-life to "conceal his identity"). As for Kirsten Dunst, God was generous enough to endow her with marvelous mammary glands. 

-Ty E


jervaise brooke hamster said...

So, another slight change to the look of the site with Charlotte Ramplings face now alongside Al Jolsons. It looks good but it always gets on my nerves a little bit whenever you change the look of the site and dont take that opportunity to have a picture of Heather as the main starting point on the site, that would look so fabulous because you know as well as i do that she is what Soiled Sinema should revolve exclusively around, much more so than Nazi bastards or pansy queer filth.

Anonymous said...

When are people going to see jews for what they are and take them all out for all eternity!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Kirsten Duntz is no beauty. Big bulby nose, tiny lips, bumpy skin, huge chunky face. And this is what you Nazis call beauty? LOL