Nov 30, 2010


Fucking a decomposing corpse has never seriously crossed my mind, not even a freshly preserved one. Of course, I seem to like at least a couple films featuring the good ol' “in and out” between living humans and cold corpses. German director Jörg Buttgereit’s Nekromantik films come to mind as does the 1987 Belgian film Crazy Love as romantic movies for those that lust for corpse fucking art. In fact, these European Necro-films are quite aesthetically pleasing pieces of spoiled human meat. Due to my undying love of certain films containing Necrophilia, I felt it necessary to watch the 2008 film Deadgirl, a less artistic motion picture featuring the schlock art of postmortem arousal. Deadgirl was written by Trent Haaga, a man best known (or not) for his work as an actor and writer for Troma Entertainment. Fortunately for this sick flick, it does not share the garage sale aesthetics and production values of your typical Troma Scheiße-fest, for Deadgirl is the kind of film Lloyd Kaufman wishes he had made (and cashed in on). 

Whilst watching Deadgirl, I wondered to myself whether or not the film was supposed to have some type of deep subtext. After all, it is kind of hard to look past a bunch of loser high school dingle berries fornicating with an animated corpse to find any type of deeper meaning. One thing I do know is that certain girls who get sexually abused (especially in their prepubescent years) tend to become emotionally dead, just like the undead corpse gal in Deadgirl. A lot of the sexually promi$cuous women in the Adult entertainment industry many times admit to be molested as do many leading Feminists and Lesbians. Like the not-so-rotten corpse in Deadgirl, the girl who has unfortunate sexual encounters at a young age turns into a vicious and sex-craved monster; the prostitute archetype. After all, the dead girl may enjoy getting gang raped by a bunch of high school degenerates but one wrong move and she will literally tear your guts out. 

I am weary in regards to classifying Deadgirl as a Zombie film as that would be misleading to those that have yet to see the film. It is very apparent to me that most modern Zombie films are formulaic dead-weight lacking even enough entertainment for the average American Zombie filmgoer. Deadgirl is not a film that will re-animate the already postmortem Zombie genre, although a surplus of banal Zombie films will no doubt continue to appear from the gates of Hollywood Hell as well as the backyards of beer guzzling baboons (in many ways, digital video has become a Voodoo curse). Like most semi-decent films, Deadgirl defies fitting into any particular genre. Of course, the film does have its flaws, the most obvious being the petty melodrama between the loser protagonist, his love interest and pathetic friends.  After all, the real star of Deadgirl is the dead girl.  Not since Zombie-Punk Suicide from The Return of the Living Dead has there been such an erotic Zombi-babe as featured in Deadgirl.  Who does not love a beautiful naked and rabid animated corpse running around, ripping out throats and scrotes? 

-Ty E


peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

It probably wont surprise you to know that as i was reading this reveiw all i was thinking about was Heather..Heather..Heather obviously because shes a dead girl and i still desperately want to bugger her rotting corpse.

Heather O'Rourke (as she was in '87) said...

Oh peregrine, won't you be a dear and get a Soiled Sinema tattoo? Only then can we be together forever!

peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

Heather are you still wearing that sweet little red romper suit that you wore in Poltergeist 3?.