Oct 4, 2010

The Killer Inside Me

I did not have much expectation when going into The Killer Inside Me as I assumed the film would be the typical absurdly romantic portrayal of psychopathic killer that Hollywood is so fond of. The film is based on a fairly popular pulp crime novel of the same name that was written by Jim Thompson (who worked with Stanley Kubrick on his script for The Killing) and published in 1952. One writer nicknamed author Thompson "Dimestore Dostoevsky" and with the author's dark psychological insights into human nature (set in backwards rural southwestern United States), I consider that a fair title for the author of The Killer Inside Me. The Killer Inside Me is a fun little film, featuring a hot twat prostitute, the banality of small town socio-political living, and what happens when a group of town folk come to realize one of their own sons is a saint of sadism.

The lead of The Killer Inside Me is played by Casey Affleck, the younger and less impressive (yet less annoying) brother of hack Hollywood star Ben Affleck. Casey Affleck plays Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford, a man who loves platitudes and seems to be a competent yet somewhat mentally slow officer of the law. Underneath the seemingly normal and typical exterior, Lou Ford is a depraved sociopath who seems most alive whilst punching beautiful women in the face. I almost would have liked to have seen Ben Affleck play the role of Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford but his brother Casey does a good enough job. Casey’s Texan twang combined with his soft-spoken monotone voice make for a disturbingly effective auditory signature for a sociopath killer.

One has to wonder whether or not sociopaths can love/find love and if so, with who? Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford seems to find love in a hot tamale prostitute played extra erotically by Jessica Alba. Apparently, Alba is one of those annoying Feminists in real-life but in The Killer Inside Me she does a superb job enjoying being beaten during sex, especially in a super sensual scene involving her bare ass and Lou Ford’s belt. Alba’s prostitute characters acts like a super big cunt when Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford warns her to leave town due to her illegal prostitution, so the officer makes sure to give her a little corporal punishment in response to her disorderly behavior, a kind of chastening that eventually results in a deranged sort of true love. If only Jessica Alba’s character in the hatchet-job spickploitation film Machete were to have also received the same kind of punishment from a white man of the law. According to mestizo comedian George Lopez, a DNA test showed Alba to be 87% European and 13% Injun. One can only assume that her beauty in general is the result of her European ancestry but the Amerindian genetics helped to add a little extra meat to her delectable derriere.

The Killer Inside Me is certainly no motion picture masterpiece but a worthy way to waste about two hours. After all, Hollywood films about killers are generally highly repulsive and full of more platitudes than Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford could ramble off after an all-nighter drinking Southern Comfort. The Killer Inside Me is a film about the struggle it takes when dealing with the nonstop addiction of sadism. Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford is a somewhat interesting anti-hero that challenges ones thoughts in regards to going beyond good and evil. He may lack the charm of Alex from A Clockwork Orange and charisma of Ted Bundy but one cannot help but find him likable, at least to some degree. After all, Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford was able to drive Jessica Alba to “the congress of a cow.” 

-Ty E


jervaise brooke hamster said...

I want to bugger Jessica Alba (as she was in 1999 when she was 18, not as she is now obviously).

Fox said...

Hey TyE... thanks for the screen cap of Alba's booty for us to jack off to.

But seriously (even though the above was maybe serious...), great blast of writing here. I personally can't be so kind to this movie. I kind of hate Winterbottom.

BTW... did you guys see/review Enter the Void yet? Just saw it two weeks ago and am curious to read your take(s).

Soiled Sinema said...


First, good to hear from ya!

As for getting to the bottom of Winterbottom, I thought 24 Hour Party People was total garbage and a very disrespectful portrayal (or at least the suicide scene) of the late great Ian Curtis (Joy Division being one of my favorite bands). I don't recall seeing any of his other films.

As for Enter the Void, unfortunately I still haven't seen it. I must admit it is the film I have been most anticipating to see this year. What are your thoughts on the film?

Anyways, I hope all is well with you and I look forward to seeing new film writings from you.

Ty E

jervaise brooke hamster said...

"24 Hour Party People" was garbage because it was British. How girl-y more times am i going to have to remind you never to waste your time watching any more British made rubbish ever again.