Jul 27, 2010

Xtro 3: Watch the Skies

The original Xtro was such a splendid surprise with its dazzling mixture of science-horror and somber surrealism. Setting my eyes of Harry Bromley Davenport who directed all three entries in the Xtro trilogy as well as the low-budget low-quality Mockingbird Don't Sing, I scoped out a comment he made about the quality of his films. Turns out the third film in the series was always his favorite and with this recommendation alone, I set out to find and view these post cursors and delve into what genius the man behind Xtro must offer. Fast-forward to present time; I learned something today. I discovered that the fabled "accidental" director is not just a myth but a frightening reality far more terrifying than any film about vengeful aliens or marines without proper haircuts. Xtro must have been a fluke because I refuse to believe the talented man who combined screaming synth with inner-clown persona's created this godawful abomination that insults the quality of Brain Damage films.

The plot centers around a marine lieutenant who gets assigned a mission with a team of rambunctious misfits. Their task? Simple reconnaissance and a bit of demolition..., or so they thought. As soon as they unearth a strange alien artifact the mishaps begin to occur. Each one with special effects worse than the last. Only in one scene does the second sequel barely resemble the original. A silhouette inked in darkness twitches to extraterrestrial life as a spurting white fire sprays out behind this figure. It shames me to appreciate something about this film and it certainly does not excuse any of this garbage but it's endearing to see that Davenport might still have what it takes to make a great science-fiction film. Let's hope he does justice with his newest Xtro film. Back on topic, these marines discover a classic "it came from the top" government cover-up cliche that should be known as a classic mistake and not some propelling force for a story. After they find a hermit living on the island who survived all the bloodshed that happened so 50 (40) years before, they attempt to get information of what really went on previously.

This is where I note the misuse of the deus ex machina. Yet another film technique ruined in the hands of Harry Bromley Davenport. This primitive survivor with his pepper-gray wig and contrived eccentricity proves this character is nothing more than an Encino Man facsimile whose only use in the film is to lead the crew to some old Super8 films which document the convenient story behind the antagonist alien's rage. In faux-Roswell fashion, we watch an autopsy scene with no scientific clout as the other caged alien wails on behind his bars. After the female alien is butchered and has its baby removed and put in a surgical dish, the male alien bends the bars and uses his psychokinetic ability to kill everyone off screen with a tempestuous regurgitating power. So not only is Davenport inspired by braindead classics like Encino Man but it also appears that he's seen Orca. It's too obvious for it to be just a dupe on his part. Borrowing or being inspired isn't necessarily a negative thing but when you borrow shamelessly from classics and manage to make a film utterly prosaic. Well, . . . I just don't know how to respond other than to eject the disc and stare at the static until my eyes become overwhelmed.

Xtro 3 is a unsubstantial failure on all sides; this is a two-sided coin of cantankerous and belligerent film making. How someone can direct the cast which would obviously lead to disastrous results and a lack of artistic integrity is beyond me. For someone who created one of the most daring and essential science-fiction films to suddenly become a bottom feeder is truly a waste of youthful prowess. This film is not only anti-climatic but it renders itself as the best in the series which gives me absolutely no hope for the future of the Xtro saga. Xtro 3: Watch the Skies is pedestrian at best and my last wish before I wash my eyes out with whiskey is to be able to omit this travesty out of my head completely.


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