Jul 29, 2010


I have been eagerly waiting for sometime to see Atom Egoyan direct another film that even compares to the psycho-sexual electricity of his brilliant work Exotica. That being said, I never thought his next best film would be a highly unconventional lipstick lesbian affair between a voluptuous eighteen year old Aryan girl and a middle-aged red-headed housewife. The sexual romance occurs unconsciously (or at least for the older gal) when a wife disillusion-ally suspects her husband of banging his young college students. I guess the wife has reason to suspect when her husband seems more interested in instant-messaging his female students online than engaging in coitus with a woman he used to passionately pound three times a day. To make the film extra-sexually-subversive, Atom Egoyan made sure to have the wife's son have some high quality hard-on time with the woman of his Mother's subconscious dreams. Like Exotica before it, Chloe is a brilliantly crafted and lavishly paced film that engages the viewer in intercourse during the film's beginning and explodes with a pleasantly fulfilling climax at the end.

With most of the beautiful lipstick lesbians I have met in my life, I have noticed a couple things. For one, the lipstick lesbian is not a sexually inverted bulldyke with too much testosterone who wishes to be male, but usually wallows in the wonderful world of female beauty. Secondly, the lipstick-lebso seems to have not been born with a love of female-on-female cunnilingus but instead developed her fetishistic vice through the lack of development of a mother-daughter relationship as a child just as Chloe hints at throughout Chloe. The married Mother Catherine becomes the perfect motherly replacement for Chloe, a woman that in age could be her own mother. When Chloe attempts to give Catherine her own Mother's hairpin, she is symbolically asking the older woman to replace her own Mother, even if it is in the form of a behind the curtains night of engaging in each others meat curtains.

Wife and Mother Catherine's Lesbian inclinations seem to be the result of her loss of sexual passion for husband and her overall lack of sexual potency as a Mother. She gets aroused at the idea of the young Chloe passionately fondling her husband, for it makes her feel like she did when she was young. Also, being a gynecologist and a sage of the Vagina, Chloe must have been tempted to go down South more than once during her life. Unfortunately for Chloe it seems that Catherine just wanted a taste of the blond beastess. Catherine's eighteen year old son offered Chloe some masturbatory fun but the boy toy could never replace a Mother figure. I think Atom Egoyan should be noted as the director of the truly best family affair for Chloe's passionate nuclear family scare is certainly cinematically quite rare.

Chloe is a brave film and Atom Egoyan is no doubt a brave auteur. Apparently, Chloe was a film that either the critics loved or hated. I certainly do not see feminists, bulldyke lesbians, or any other type of prudish wanna-be-men/men-haters enjoying the film. I have seen more than my fair share of Lesbian-themed films and Chloe is the only one to successfully combine eroticism, sexually-paced storytelling, and passionate-acting for a believable mädis-tale that one will think about long after the experience is over. Isn't that what good sex is about?

-Ty E


jervaise brooke hamster said...

I want to bugger A-girl-da Seyfried (as she was in 2003 when she was 18, not as she is now obviously).

willy jerk-off said...

Actually the title of this film reminds me of that gorgeous little child actress Chloe Moretz, i`d give a lottery win to get my knob up her bum.