Jun 22, 2010

A Laud for Hans Landa

I expected Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglorious Basterds to be the pop-director’s most culturally-despicable film yet. His entry in the Grindhouse project was bad enough, but a Philo-Semitic war epic full of Jew porn schizophrenia and bloodthirsty Semitic murderous indulgence?!? Degenerate hack Horror HEEBie-Jeebie Eli Roth has made it known that “holocaust education” was a big part of his upbringing as a Jewish supremacist. In Inglorious Basterds he ecstatically displays his love of bashing in the skulls of heroic (and restrained by a Jew Crew, of course) Aryan blond beasts via his Jude-bat. I may be wrong, but I always thought Jews were generally fairly pathetic when its comes to athletics, heroism, courage, and fighting their own battles in general, but I guess that is why Inglorious Basterds is a War fantasy film. Due to my repelled feeling towards anything involving Tarantino or Roth, it was practically a given to me before watching Inglorious Basterds that the film would be indistinguishable from Elie Wiesel’s favorite wet dream after an all-NIGHT party in Israel involving the most attractive of blond Slavic sex-slaves owned by the Judaic mafia and a couple rusty razorblades. That was until I watched the film and was soon introduced to Tarantino’s best written character ever; SS-Standartenführer Hans Landa.

Quentin Tarantino for once almost stated something true about film when he said that Hans Landa may be the best character he has ever written. My own personal disgust with Tarantino comes from the fact that despite many years of his own personal "VHS-Tape Film School", Tarantino seems to have the least refined and most eclectically all around trashy taste in film. Don't get me wrong, I like a good film noir or horror film like the next guy, but Tarantino obsesses over pure stylized-Scheiße, hence why his films are soulless (with no human feeling aside from excitement and "coolness") big-budget piles of shit. Hollywood has been pretty much always fundamentally anti-art and anti-organic kultur as they like to contrive their own culturally-hollow-Hollywood "reality" so that the masses erroneously imitates these "ideal" pseudo-realities, like the mindlessly good little unconscious comrades they are. With the character of Hans Landa, for once it seems that Tarantino has refrained from obsessing over cool wacky Negro characters, alpha-females, and arrogant beaners. This time Tarantino attempted to put his self in the position of an Austrian Aryan, but Tarantino's Aryan is of course a psychological abstraction of sorts. After all, one could never expect Tarantino to understand the natural psyche of a Teuton for it would have probably induced a suicide-reflex.

Right from the get go, Hans Landa identifies himself as an Aryan who can "think like a Jew." By this, Landa recognizes that Jews will just about do and say anything to get their way. After all, how could such a small tribe of Judaics (with a slave morality to boot) be able to almost completely monopolize the international wealth of the world? Nowadays, we live in the miserable reign of the Tschandala, a "postmodern" nightmare where weaknesses, failure, deformity, victim hood, and other pathetic attributes are worshiped as the height of virtue. Hans Landa recognizes that once a soul loses dignity, he/she is capable of the most (pathetically) amazing of feats. No matter how rich or successful a Jew is, there is still the memory of the Ghetto and the gutter. There never was nor will there ever be a true Jewish aristocracy, for a true aristocracy comes about through strength gained from being the fittest (both physically and mentally) person within ones own blood/soil environment, something that has become pretty much obsolete in the postmodern Western world (a healthy Western would never allow third world immigration) and elsewhere. All Jewish power is derived from the manipulation of capital, linguistics, psychology, and other intellectual abstractions. Whether it be Marx, Einstein, or Freud, all of these great "Jewish geniuses" derived their theories through the iconoclasm of the existing Occidental model which Hebrew-incinerators so instinctively destroyed. As the great Francis Parker Yockey once stated, "An insatiable lust for revenge was born in the soul of the parasite through centuries of silent sufferance of the unassailable superiority of the host. When defeated Europe - and in particular, the most vital part of it, the bearer of the grand European Idea of the 20th century - lay at the feet of this totally alien conqueror from a Culture of the past, no feelings of magnanimity, chivalry, generosity or mercy were in his exultant soul. There was only there the gall which he had been drinking for a thousand years while he had bided his time under the arrogance of the alien Western peoples whom he had always considered, and still considers, barbarians, goyim."

Hans Landa acts as model for all aspiring "Jew Hunters" out there. Skinheads and other related ilk will always fail as they refuse to even attempt to understand the psychology of God's chosen Hebrew as shown in Henry Bean's The Believer. Anyone who has taken the time to study the German National Socialist leadership will understand there is a pathological pattern starting with the movements spiritual father Richard Wagner (who meta-politically influenced both Adolf Hitler and political Zionist Founder Theodor Herzl's almost identical goal of a racially pure Übermensch state). Like Zionism (although this movement will never be truly successful for it is fundamentally at odds with the true nature of Jews/Judaism), National Socialism was inspired by identifying and rejecting the stereotypical traits of Jewish effeminacy and amorality, hence why many Mischling (part-Jews) eagerly became the most committed of Antisemites. National Socialist propagandist and "World Jew-Baiter No. 1" Julius Streicher is noted to have once recognized his Jewish ancestry as the best weapon in fighting the Jews. The honorable and stoic Aryan is no match for the moral bankruptcy that slithered out of the ghettos of Eastern Europe. The Aryan, in all his honesty, will fight for his people and his country whereas the typical Zio-poodle always contracts someone else to do his dirty work. Hans Landa also understands this psychology as shown in Inglorious Basterds by "single-handily toppling the Third Reich" when he recognizes that Germany defeat is now inevitable. Aside from the unfortunate swastika mark permanently engraved into his head, he is the only top National Socialist to survive a Jewish murder rampage at a cute French cinema. Not many people are good at suavely pulling off both a good ol' froggy ratonnade and an one-man conditional armistice in the same lifetime.

Hans Landa is a man that is always about twenty steps above his contemporaries just as Friedrich Nietzsche and Francis Parker Yockey were, two other Sages of the Jewish Question. There truly is a thin-line between authentic Antisemitism and Philo-Semitism as "Second-Generation holocaust survivor" Norman Finklestein has recognized. Hollywood did itself a service when they released American History X, a film that romanticizes the skinhead movement for the skinhead is a true friend of Zion. Skinheads and Ku Klux Klaners save your average Rabbi a trip to the Jewish cemetery where he no longer has to spray paint swastikas on Jewish tombstones for evidence of "growing Antisemitism." Your average "White Power" skinhead is a foot soldier of Zion and just another pawn in the game, similar to some Clown-Azz-House-Negroes like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Hans Landa is a cold, calculating, and obscenely conscious man who has talents that cannot be contrived. He laughs at the mind of a German soldier as his soldierly honor is now obsolete (at least as far as leadership goes) in our world of technological and political bureaucracy, for such a honorable man (naive to the behavior of those with a conspiring nature) will always be used as pawn to whoever is in power. Hopefully, the character of Hans Landa will awaken those out there with the mental capacity as to the proper etiquette when dealing with conspiring cultural distorters. Herr Landa's motivations may have been unsavory but his methods were almost pristine. Landa's Weltanschauung is probably best symbolically expressed when he laughs at double-agent Bridget von Hammersmark's lie about how she broke her leg stereotypically (German) by mountain climbing. Hans Landa has learned how to read people better than the chief Rabbi of Israel questions his Talmud and better than how depraved Sigmund Freud was able (or at least pretended to be able) to analyze the psycho-sexuality of children.

-Ty E


Don't Get Nasty Brother said...

Great take on Landa!

jervaise brooke hamster said...

"The psycho-sexuality of children"...OH HEATHER...OH HEATHER...come back to me Heather...come back to me.

Anonymous said...

a review on soiled sinema badmouthing jews!!!

stop the fucking presses.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Although i`m one of the most murderously homo-phobic individuals on the planet (DEATH TO ALL PANSY QUEER BASTARDS) i`m not actually the slightest bit racist (except towards British filth obviously), i just want to bugger every Heather O`Rourke lookalike in the world.

Unknown said...

Great write up. I believe QT's Inglorious Basterds may be his absolute best film. Ever.

Prior to seeing this film, I really didn't know what to expect. Initially, I hated that Eli Roth was going to play a character... but to be honest, after Hans Landa, the Bear Jew may be tied for 3rd (Hugo Stiglitz) for the best characters in the film.

Brad Pitt was hilarious. Definitely a fun film and I immediately placed it among my favorite Tarantino films.

But again... Christolph Waltz... Holy shit... This guy is just unbelievable, I can't stress that enough. I'm also glad they used a German actor instead of some American doing a bogus accent.

So anyways... Haven't been on Blogger in that much recently... Got a lot of catching up to do with reading your reviews. ;)