May 12, 2010

The Woodsman

I have been waiting for a while to see Hollywood release a film empathetic towards pedophiles and similar ilk. Unless I am mistaken and they have done it before, it seems that The Woodsman is a new all-time low for the Freudians of Sunset Boulevard. Unsurprisingly, the star Pedo of the film is Kevin Bacon, a role he has played before in Sleepers, although this time he seems he enjoys little girls instead of little boys. Not since Patrick Swayze’s role in Donnie Darko has there been a actor better suited for the role of scum of the earth. A film like The Woodsman just makes me wonder what Hollywood’s ultimate goal is with their undermining of traditional values and Western social norms. They have already brainwashed most American’s into thinking flooding America with uneducated savages as the height of humanistic altruism. They have already convinced white women it’s best to abort their own child because nothing is better and more important than a career. Most importantly, Hollywood has taught us to always use animalistic empathy and sentimentalism instead of the intellect. After all, how else could any thinking person swallow the crock of cultural Marxist scheiß that Hollywood is selling? With The Woodsman, Hollywood wants you to know that not all child molesters are bad guys.

Of course, The Woodsman was directed by a female director, Nicole Kassell, who probably felt the film to be an exercise in female empowerment. The lead anti-hero (or whatever he is supposed to be) Walter, played Kevin Bacon, is a pathetic man who gives the appearance of being a victim more than being a victimizer. Right from the beginning, director Kassell wants us to sympathize with this kiddo-phile ex-con. After all, he was probably a victim of more than one experiences of prison sodomy. Walter’s only friend (Carlos) when he gets out of prison is a Latino, a member of a group especially known for their enjoyment of their own daughters (or at least according to a Cop I know in a certain Latino infested area). Carlos also happens to be married to Walter’s sister. Walter was the only person in his family to promote his sister partaking in miscegenation with his beaner best friend and for that Carlos owes him one. Walter’s own sister won’t see him, but the Mexican banging his sister (who shot out Mestizo half-castes) like a piñata, does. Talk about family matters.

A Member of the Concerned Black Men of America

Who are the are the heroes of the urban wilderness of The Woodsman? Try a noble a Negro and Negress, who have a special knack for protecting the world from white pedophiles. Rappers Mos Def and Eve play the roles of the most concerned individuals in the fight against Walter and his knew found freedom. Mos Def plays a cop, who despite his flimsy build, likes to make threats at the even flimsier Walter. Eve plays a co-worker/secretary who has a super Negro spiritual ability of sniffing out stinking pedos. Hollywood truly is a place of dreams and fantasy where upside down casting is begotten just right. But then again, a morally dubious mulatto messiah is supposed to save the world in real-life. I guess “art” really does imitate life, but I think in the case of Hollywood it’s the other way around. Hollywood defecates out an image and expects the naïve public to accept those destructive ways as normal, desirable, and ideal. If the Hollywood studio system was wiped out and replaced with something of value, the Western world would no doubt start healing instantaneously.

The Woodsman in the Woods catching Wood

By the end of the film, Walter becomes a “hero” of sorts. Due to his child molester psychology, he is able to sniff out others like himself. Walter decides that it is one thing to molest little girls, but molesting little boys is just going too far. Mos Def makes it known subtly that he approves of Walter’s criminal justice and by the end of The Woodsman, the world is a better place. Looking around online, it is apparent the majority of critics see The Woodsman as a spectacular piece of groundbreaking social cinema. Of course, it is obvious the reason for the great reviews is that The Woodsman offered the public an emotional rollercoaster of triumph in the name of “prejudice” and a promise of hope. Surely, not many people that viewed the film actually took the time to think analytically about what they just watched and what message it gives. The American public would rather stay in the childish woods of sentiment and fantasy.

-Ty E


peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

When are people going to stop using idiotic and ludicrously out-moded words and phrases like "pedophile", "sexual deviant", "pervert", child molester" and "child sexual abuse" when with-in a few years they will have no meaning or resonance in our society what-so-ever and will be just hideous anachronisms from a truly horrifying bygone era of loathsome sexual repression, walking up to someone 20 years from now and accusing them of "child sexual abuse" will be as absurd to those people as the idea would be to us of walking up to someone and saying "you are a Heretic who must be burned at the stake" (think about it gentlemen, think about it). "THE TIME OF SEXUAL REPRESSION" is coming to a thankful and merciful end. LONG LIVE THE HETEROSEXUAL BUGGERY OF GORGEOUS SEXY LITTLE 8 YEAR-OLD GIRLS, DEATH TO ALL PANSY QUEER BASTARDS.

peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

That little girl is so gorgeous, is there any way you could mask that silly bastard Bacon out of the shot completely? then i could jerk-off to it. Who is that gorgeous little girl?, i`d love to bugger her senseless!!!.

Anonymous said...

Pure brilliance from Hamilton, he's like the absolute polar opposite of the media.