May 23, 2010

Suicide Club

After being very impressed by the deranged oriental sexual surrealism of Sion Sono’s Strange Circus, I had to view the film that brought him international acclaim; Suicide Club. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the independent feature Suicide Club, a film best known for little Japanese schoolgirls jumping in front of moving trains whilst holding one another’s hand in a giddy manner. Unlike a lot of Japanese horror and gore flicks which seem to have wacky gore for wacky gore’s sake, Suicide Club is an excellent satire on the vile destructive subliminal messages contained within the popular mass media and Hollywood. Unfortunately, I think the message(s) Sion Sono’s was trying to convey was lost on most viewers. After all, the sight of tiny Japanese girls wearing cutesy schoolgirl garb while killing themselves senselessly can be overwhelming for a lot of people.

The villain responsible for the series of suicides is a blond bukkake beast by the name of Genesis, a “man” who loves to sing pop songs while women are being beaten and raped in front of him. It is pretty obvious that Suicide Club director Sion Sono modeled Genesis after real-life “aesthetic terrorist” Genesis P-Orridge, a deranged man who has breast implants and considers himself a S/he. With his musical groups Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV (among other projects), Genesis P-Orridge has committed his life to shocking and destroying the senses of his victims/audiences. Director Sion Sono has paid Genesis P-Orridge an exaggerated compliment with the character of Genesis in Suicide Club. Aside from maybe a couple drug overdoses and accidental sexual death mishaps, Genesis P-Orridge cannot be credited for many real-life deaths and certainly not the joyous extravagantly brutal deaths featured in Suicide Club.


Genesis P-Orridge

If one were to credit someone in real-life with implanting destructive subliminal messages in the popular media like those seen by the girly pop music Dessert in Suicide Club, it would be Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays, the Freudian psychoanalyst who started brainwashing the American public subconsciously during World War I. President Woodrow Wilson helped to create the Committee on Public Relations, an independent agency of the U.S. government which was able utilize all media formats to their advantage in promoting enthusiasm for American citizens to enter World War I, a war that was never in America's interest. Bernay’s played a pivotal role in the hidden propaganda campaigns of the Committee on Public Relations and in his arrogance stated "the essence of democratic society" was "engineering of consent (AKA brainwashing)" as he felt propaganda was the best way to gain public support for government policy, even if it was vicious lies. The Committee on Public Relations made sure to portray the Germans during World War I as Huns who impaled babies on their bayonets. Hollywood has no doubt kept this legacy of lies and mass public manipulation going ever since.

Interestingly enough, the pop music of Dessert is similar to that of which you would see on the Disney channel nowadays, only a little less risqué. Thankfully, Walt Disney is not around today to see the complete and utter destruction of the moral family values he sought out to promote. Now at Disney world, Gay marriage couples can have lovely pink Mickey Mouse honeymoons. One also cannot forget how the Disney channel pimps out elementary school children by having them do jungle dances for other little girls to see on their Televisions around the United States that they can erroneously emulate. When they graduate on to middle school and High School, they can watch MTV and impersonate the whores fondling Ebonics-literate Rapper’s legs in “music” videos. Bolshevik mass murderer Leon Trotsky was a Freudian and helped promote psychoanalyst schools in the Soviet Union as he realized if you sexualize children at a young age, they become slaves to sexuality for the rest of their lives. Anglo author Aldous Huxley realized the same thing with his masterpiece A Brave New World which features a sexually promiscuous girl with the extra special surname Trotsky. The three super cultural distorters and media moguls Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen (who share something special in common with Michael Eisner of Disney) have also have done their part in sexualizing children with DreamWorks and the Shrek films, films full of Freudian sexual quips and innuendos for grade school children to enjoy.

A scene I found especially important in Suicide Club is when a group of High school kids are playing on top of their school’s roof. Jokingly, the teens imitate the schoolgirls that committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. The teens eventually stand with their toes hanging off of the edge of the building and soon the majority of them jump off with their guts soon hitting across the school like a Tsunami from the beaches of Genesis P-Orridge’s own personal hell. The suicide scene does the best job in conveying the subconscious influences of the media, expressing that the teens start acting before they know what they are even doing, riding on a wave of destructive subconscious influence that they do not even realize is influencing them.

The brilliance of Suicide Club lies in that the film can be enjoyed by both brain-dead gore fans and those film fanatics looking for a little more to think about than what you would typically expect from Hollywood. Where Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers fails in it’s attempt at satire in regards to the media, Suicide Club succeeds for all the right reasons. Oliver Stone made a film commenting on how the media glamorizes serial killers while his film did the same, actually inspiring copycat murders across the United States. When it comes down to it, Oliver Stone is no different from Steven Spielberg or Michael Eisner as they are all implanting infectious seeds into the naïve minds of the trusting public. Suicide Club is one of the very few films that gets at the very root of the destructive forces of the media and Hollywood. Who could ever quantify how many deaths have happened as a result of the influence of the media on both World Wars to the late 1960’s “counterculture’ to the present and all the subversive culture distorting filth that came with it.

-Ty E


jervaise brooke hamster said...

Why not reveiw "Samurai Princess", primarily of course because the star of that movie Aino Kishi (as well as being a porno actress) was born on February 1st 1988 the very day that Heather snuffed it, watching that movie would be like bringing Heather back to life as a re-incarnated Chink sexpot. Actually, watching one of her (Kishi`s) porno movies would be like watching Heather actually sucking a dick or being buggered "TOTAL PERFECTION". Maybe it is possible that Heather was re-incarnated into Aino Kishi at the moment of her death, from now on when-ever i watch a film starring Aino Kishi (w-Heather porno or not) it`ll be like watching Heather in Chink form (as it were), this will be yet another way that i`ll now have to bring Heather back to life on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Its difficult to believe that hes snuffed it, perhaps a reveiw of his appalling and murderously unwatchable 1969 celluloid monstrosity "THE LAST MOVIE" would be the order of the day (in terms of an odd, edgy low key tribute to one of the truly great lunatics of world cinema, as it were).