May 11, 2010

An Odious Ode to Horrorist Hanns

Esoteric Mythmaker of Uncle Adolf's Minute-Long Millennial Reich

Defender of SINema, the novice art of Mass Communal Phantasmagorical Rite

International National

Voyeur of Vodun Island Sacrifice

Participant in New Orleans Necro Nacht

Aryan Degenerate

Warring Aesthetic

Kamerad of Satan

No Enemy of THY

-Ty E

1 comment:

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I dont know w-heather you two geezers realise this but the ultimate "ARYAN" is...yes...thats guessed it...the one...the only..."MISS HEATHER O`ROURKE", she is a goddess for all time, yet another reason why you should have pictures of her on every page of this blog (preferably without her clothes on).