May 7, 2010

Devil’s Playground

I happened to catch Peter Weir’s Witness the other night starring Harrison Ford, who is easily one of the most overrated and emotionally dead of actors ever to walk the candy ass halls of the Hollywood studio system. Witness got me thinking about the Amish and their commitment to Align Centera life of banality where pride is sinful and where collective conformity is a must. In Witness, director Peter Weir makes the Amish seem like a bunch of pacifistic yet noble folk who have no time for lollygagging. Unlike the rest of the German-Americans (who make up the largest ethnic group in the USA) that immigrated to the United States, the Amish have retained their native German tongue, at least for church and other special occasions. When I saw the Devil’s Playground, a 2002 documentary about the Amish rite of passage Rumspringa (where the Amish leave their homes at age 16 to decide whether they want to be baptized in the Amish church), sitting on a public library self not long after seeing Witness, I felt that cinematic fate caught me in a way. Despite featuring an Amish girl smoking a cigarette on the cover, little did I realize I would be watching a film about 16 year Amish teens dealing and doing crystal meth on top of banging ugly “English” chicks with greasy zit-covered pizzafaces. Despite the somewhat poor production values of the documentary, Devil’s Playground would turn out to be a revelation of sorts.

I guess growing up in the United States and watching trash cable TV just like everyone else, I did not realize how criminally dangerous the material was. Of course, I noticed a good percentage of the kids I knew growing up would watch untermensch Rap videos and decide (sub)consciously to adopt the linguistic styles of ill-literate Negroes. It was also obvious that pseudo-rebellious idealistic teens would become pro-gay marriage and pro-illegal immigration because they would be told they were evil racists (gotta love wearing that "Good Guy Badge") if they thought otherwise. To put it simply, it was very obvious to me in my younger years that TV was poison and that it turned people into slaves with their own personal mental-gulag, more so than any fascist or communist government ever could. Not until I saw Devil’s Playground did I realize how fast the virus of TV and “pop culture” could spread to a TV-Virgin, someone naïve and unfamiliar with the degenerate ways of the internationalist "American" media.

Faron is the main subject of Devil’s Playground and it did not take him long to get hooked on Crystal Meth after leaving his Amish life for Rumspringa. Although he may be as skinny as a Holodomor survivor, Faron is one of the top teenagers in his Amish community. His father is an Amish preacher and Faron knows how to quote from the good book better than anyone he knows. When he leaves for the world of the “English” (the non-Amish world), he starts quoting Tupac and speaking with a Negroid speech impediment. All of his fellow Amish buds idolize Faron and also start parroting his new MTV-inspired ill-literate-lingo. Faron is no doubt completely naïve to the complete and utter degradation of American society. Like a person of honor and virtue, he probably expected those things of popularity, like in his own Amish community, to be of the most highest moral standards. Due to his life of being “sheltered” by discipline and morality, he has no defense against the decay of the “west.” In our mixed-up and backwards American world, the person that would come out on top in the Amish world, ends up being the most criminal of all, selling Crystal Meth just to support his $100.00 a day habit while strutting around in his much beloved Wal-Mart baggy threads.

Fortunately for the Amish, there is about a 90% retention rate of those young people that decide to stay in the community. Personally, I would never want to be Amish but I can certainly say that the Amish people are better off in their small world of family and serious commitment. Modern America is full of vices that are constantly put in people’s faces via Television with the intent of enslaving the individual. I can’t count the times I have had to hear every moron I know verbally regurgitate the same stupid Hollywood comedy line over and ever again yet never realize their Hollywood induced psychosis. Devil’s Playground is almost a religious documentary in the sense that it truly shows the hellish world America has become even if one where to step into American “culture” and “society” just for a second. The mark of the cultural Marxist beast is libel to be ingrained forever.

-Ty E

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

Lucy Walker the director of this documentary is British so that immediatly downgrades it although i just saw her picture on IMDB and she is quite tasty so i still wouldn`t mind buggering her (i just wish she was 18 instead of pushing 40).