Apr 9, 2010

Neo-Nazi Satanism

Neo-Nazi Satanism is without doubt the most important crisis that helpless Americans must face in the future. Forget about AIPAC lobby, Obama-nation, or international terrorism, Neo-Nazi Satanism is the one spreading cancer that must be exorcised out of our beautiful multicultural nation. Although a self-confessed atheist, white revolutionary James Mason is a supporter of Charles Manson and has ties with the Church of Satan. Thankfully, cautious Christian gentleman and Televangelist Bob Larson has made a career out of exposing (and exploiting) evil heretics like James Mason. In the short documentary Neo-Nazi Satanism, Bob Larson assaults James Mason with rounds of Jesus love and promises of eternal damnation via the boiling pits of hell, where according to the Talmud (as mentioned by Mason), Jesus Christ is boiling in excrement.

It becomes apparent during Neo-Nazi Satanism that Bob Larson seems to have at least a little bit of respect for James Mason. Larson informs Mason that he looks like he could be a low-level lawyer, Baptist preacher, or even gym teacher (I don’t agree with that one). It also becomes apparent in Neo-Nazi Satanism that James Mason is at least a couple notches more intelligent than the rabid barking poodle Bob Larson. It is obvious that both men have their own particular ethos, which makes them of better moral character than the majority of the American citizens. Both James Mason and Bob Larson throw arguments at each other that become more and more predictable as the documentary goes on, but Mason is much cooler in his delivery whereas Larson’s head seems like it might explode at any moment like that dude in David Cronenberg’s Scanners. Larson also likes repeating racial slurs in such a loud and obnoxious manner that one might start questioning his true vaudevillian agenda.

Neo-Nazi Satanism also features a variety of hilarious calls from listeners. One girl tells Butthole-Bob Larson that he is racist against skinheads and Neo-Satanism, therefore he is racist in his own way. A Jew with a very non-Jewish redneck accent calls and claims he will single-handedly prevent an American Holocaust of his Judaic tribe. I especially enjoyed the remarks of a caller who claims that James Mason and Adolf Hitler must have deformed brains because even retards know the difference between right and wrong. Bob Larson seems a little confused on how to respond to this verbally barbaric caller. I seriously doubt Jesus was watching over Bob Larson or any of his callers.

Bob Larson also shows his knack for hitting all the low-blows. He ask James Mason when he last cried and Mason gives Bob some very sound advance about how if he cried for every bad thing in the world, he would never stop crying. It seems hard for Bob Larson to grasp the idea of getting a pair of balls and dealing with life in a more respectable manner, even if it is being a white power terrorist. All in all, I feel that James Mason was a much better and rational teacher than Bob Larson. That is ok for Bob Larson though, because Bob knows he has already won the hearts and cash of his faithful idiotic listeners.

-Ty E


eddie lydecker said...

It`d be great to hear your opinion on "THE FIRST FAMILY OF SATANISM" (its on youtube) an interveiw conducted by Bob Larson on T.V. in 1989 with Nickolas Shreck and Zeena Levay, i`ve watched it many times and i genuinely believe it to be one of the most incredible 90 minutes of televisual brilliance that i`ve ever witnessed.

Anonymous said...

I like the bit where Mason said: "The hell-on-earth we`ve created for ourselves", he certianly got that right ! ! !.