Apr 12, 2010

The Descent: Part 2

The Descent was the first of its kind; a near perfect feminist horror film that didn't come off as hokey or burdening to the male race. In a property spoiling turn, director Neil Marshall thought he'd earn a slimy wad of cash by overseeing and allowing the production of a direct sequel aptly titled "Part 2." The continuation finds Sarah returning to the surface covered in blood and negating all layers of interpretation left open by the original's incredible ending. If there is one thing The Descent is known for, it's "women spelunking." The Descent: Part 2 brings nothing but tired tricks and storybook devices to this morbidly banal sequel which features a cast of both genders, diluted Negro-centric crawlers, and an ending that will have you ripping your hair out in tufts and cursing the day that "inbred redneck" films were ever created.

As mentioned previously, Sarah is out of the caverns that were to be named after her by the affair-having whore Asiatic friend, Juno, and is recovering peacefully and ignorantly in a hospital bed. The doctors claim she has no recollection of the past 2 days and this pampers the plot and character enough to allow her stupid ass to descend into hell yet again to find out the truth of what happened in the first subterranean blood bath. Much like the fetid S. Darko, The Descent: Part 2 takes much, if not everything, that made the film and reincorporates the same angles, techniques, and scenes. The Descent: Part 2 still uses collapsing crawlspaces, night vision bogeymen, and women going berserk to ill effect and demonstrates the law of every terrible sequel e.g. rotating lead character kills as seen in effect in most of the Nightmare on Elm Street follow ups.

Neil Marshall's involvement in the film was purely to oversee the production to ensure a claustrophobic experience in grueling terror. I'm sure his intention was solely for the benefit of growth but this film only demonstrates one thing about caverns and that is that most are created with prop boulders and it doesn't exactly benefit that Jon Harris' entire career is that of editing quality films and not direct them. To fit the pieces together in a visually digestive way might be a form of art but Mr. Harris has yet to learn how to create the pieces for completion. My strong opinion can be argued with but I feel, as I'm sure most do, that this sequel is entirely unnecessary and only taints the unknown terror of the original. The introduction of a hybrid human-like beast that hunts with a skillful variety of tactics including scouting and pack assault was a much needed fixture on the tag of horror that has been largely dominated with names, faces, and motives. These creatures started out with a glossy blood/mud luster in the original film then switched to grotesque make-up reconditioning and an entirely different makeover treatment in the second. Without the returning characters or use of archive footage this film would be utterly nameless and just as equally disappointing.

After the males had been twiddled away to recreate the original's feminist spirit, the select group of females featured in The Descent: Part 2 begin to die in terrible, horrible fashions. Even with all the tomato soup butcherings, these girls shouldn't be frightened of these beastly crawlers. No, they should have turned hide and retreated from the real villain at large - creative control. It's high time for an uprising against the tyranny of continuation. As Lizzy Caplan said in the incredible comedy Hot Tub Time Machine, "embrace the chaos," we should never more accept the standard retail price for something so less than chaotic. The Descent: Part 2 isn't the affable sequel to a classic of raw horror that you were expecting. I shouldn't even be writing about this film as near everyone's opinion should strongly lean towards mine. It's a given that this film is nothing to be respectful of. I don't even respect myself anymore having since watched it.


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jervaise brooke hamster said...

This film is British so by definition it is a freshly excreted pile of faecal material.