Oct 20, 2009

I'd Rather Hump Trash Instead of Watching Another Movie about the Holocaust

I cannot lie, I am losing faith in cinema. Sometimes I feel like I have lost complete faith in cinema. Will there ever be another director that compares in artistic integrity and real artistic progress (a career that noticeably developed with each groundbreaking film) as F.W. Murnau? Everyone that is truly serious about cinema knows that Europe is responsible for the bulk of the masterpieces of cinema history. How could a “great” Hollywood artisan like John Ford ever compare to the brilliance and auteur artistry of Carl Th. Dreyer? Is Steven Speilberg an auteur because he has “Spielberg-esque” traits in his films like often having socially retarded children play lead characters? Is Spielberg an middle aged socially retarded child? Who wants to pay $10.50 a movie ticket to see a made up socially retarded child? Would Spielberg?

Nowadays, 12 year old kids are making two minute and thirty second long short films that are more entertaining than your typical Michael Bay or Spielberg film. Youtube is flooded with those type of videos. Hollywood refuses to display real humanity. Instead, they offer us propaganda that is coated with sentimentalism so the lies don’t taste bad while being digested. Those 12 year old filmmakers that are fucking around with their family camcorder have more to offer humanity than Steven Spielberg. The 12 year old creates for the enjoyment of those he cares about (and of course himself). Spielberg makes films to help his politically aligned kinfolk rob Swiss banks and to show the “moral superiority” of those same swindlers. For some reason, Spielberg also enjoyed portraying black males as the ultimate misogynists while promoting the "strengths" of sista-sista style lesbianism. Why else would Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah star in The Color Purple? The question is, does humanity really benefit from the big budget degeneracy that is the Hollywood studio system? Most Hollywood films are criminal products whose makers deserve a special type of punishment.

A couple contemporary filmmakers give me “hope” for the future of film. I have no hope that there will ever be aesthetically pleasing films like Triumph of the Will every again, that are full of beauty that cannot be impersonated or contrived by classless Hollywood. I believe that it was that dirty and precise Kraut F.W. Murnau that directed probably the most beautiful film to ever come out of Hollywood. The film won the super unique (only offered at the first ever Academy Awards) Academy Award for Unique and Artistic Production. That was a very longtime ago when the United Sates did not resemble a third world sewer and people actually had some (granted many times banal) values. So the question is, can cinematic art (and art in general) exist in a cultureless world that has complete and utter contempt for natural beauty?!? Of course, Harmony Korine and Giuseppe Andrews are the two new leaders of a new type of degenerate realist art that speaks to the soul of the “forgotten” part of America.

No doubt, Harmony Korine’s directorial debut Gummo is a masterpiece that the world needed. What better way to get rid of the icky feeling of a film like Schindler’s List than to watch Gummo right after. Just like Gummo Marx, Harmony Korine is the odd Jew out in the world of filmmaking. Korine follows in the tradition of such honest “chosen” gentlemen as Otto Weininger and Carlo Michelstaedter (minus suicide, thankfully Korine came off heroin completely unscathed). When Gummo first came out, the cultural Marxist film “critics” acted as if Korine was worthy of a one man pogrom. Was it the fact Korine showed what the many American whites really live like (in poverty)? Was it the fact that a gay black dwarf insulted Israel by wearing an Israeli flag t-shirt? Or more importantly, did the critics hate Gummo because Harmony Korine was able to bring vaudeville to the slums of Tennessee?

After watching Harmony Korine’s recent effort Mister Lonely I felt that maybe the young auteur had grown soft. That was until I saw the trailer for upcoming picture Trash Humpers. It seems Korine is reverting back to his earlier and stronger filmmaking days when his drug addiction hadn’t fully caught up with him. I bet Bavarian Werner Herzog is very proud of his young Yiddish buddy Korine’s upcoming effort, a film influenced in someway by Herzog of course. Herzog is a brilliant filmmaker that turned Cinéma vérité into a sideshow. Of course, Korine turned that sideshow into modern day vaudeville. After all, Harmony doesn’t pay tribute to Al Jolson and blackface for nothing!

Western civilization is a rotting corpse covered in international maggots (the chosen maggots have entered the corpse deepest of course) of all slimy stripes. What was once beautiful and strong, has now become just another thing for those that cannot create to exploit. Do Giuseppe Andrews and Harmony Korine exploit those unfortunate subjects that they make films about? No, I honestly believe they do not. I believe that both video camera auteurs have a certain amount of empathy for their truly interesting and one of a kind stars. I would compare Korine’s and Andrews’ portrayal of his stars to that of Tod Browning in his masterpiece Freaks. On top of that, Korine and Andrews don’t have to coat their films in sentimentalism. Korine wasn’t selling a lie when he showed that young cowboys hate queer rabbits. Andrews wasn’t selling a lie when he showed that Bill Nowlin had no problem showing off his chode while drinking a beer in his trailer shower. In the age of Kali Yuga, what kind of art can one really expect?

-Ty E


josephdriftwood said...

"Rabbits are queers! They always gotta shit on themselves!"

Gotta love Gummo!

Anonymous said...

I am a lone man in the middle of nowhere, I am going to make movies if I can ever save up money to buy a decent digital camera, this blog and the movies on it are inspiring. I've no desire to join society but I really want to tear it a new asshole with simple reflection. Each day I can't shoot, I die a little!

Anonymous said...

In my admittedly selfish pursuit of satisfying my cinematic hunger, I've long dismissed GUMMO as a some sort of Donnie Darko infused slice of forgettable excess...without ever seeing a single moving frame. After reading your truly passionate thoughts, I feel I want to give this film my full attention and let it have the last word. I also never knew it had anything to do with Tennessee, which was my beloved home for the first 33 years of my life.
And that does matter to me.
So, thank you for this.