Oct 29, 2009

Away We Go as a White Man Performs Cunnilingus on a Negro

In the liberal-petit-bourgeois “feel good”(but of course sometimes unhappy) film Away We Go, a 30ish year old white (only in skin, not in soul) male figures out he is going to be a father whilst eating out his Negress girlfriend. This scene happens to be the opening scene of the film and it also sets the feeling for everything that goes on there afterward. What I mean by setting the “feeling” is that the hipster (of course sporting an ironic army jacket) “white” guy is completely dominated by his sista girlfriend. The Negress proves her dominance merely by complaining while the male (in a subservient sexual position) performs cunnilingus on his ungrateful girlfriend.

Away We Go is your typical release from Focus Features, a mainstream (part of NBC) “Independent” film studio. The difference between the films released by Michael Bay and Focus Features is that the films released by the latter are apparently supposed to be artistic. Focus Features idea of art must be ugly people, flat aesthetics, and cultural Marxist (AKA “progressive”) ideals. The “male” lead in Away We Go is no doubt the “ideal” man in our “progressive” contemporary socio-political world. After all, he is introduced to the film as a castrated “male”, unable to assert himself (inside his girlfriend’s vagina), he settles for satisfying his complaining woman by licking her meat curtain (a true tribute to the gender politics of the iron curtain). Don’t get me wrong, it is ok to return certain types of sexual favors, but the “man” in Away We Go certainly seems more interested in pleasuring his “woman” as if he were her lesbian lover.

This guy's ancestors were Berserkers?!?

“Progressive” film studios like Focus Features are often pushing collectivist cultural Marxist ideas on to the “educated” classes of America and pretend its “revolutionary.” Mainstream “Gay” culture, “unconventional” (aka degenerate) families, multicultural nihilism, internationalism, and anti-individualism are just some of the new “values” being pushed by films that for the most part have absolutely nothing to offer in the way of cinematic innovation. If a man has been dominated by a woman sexually, does that make the film groundbreaking? Wasn’t commie Guido Bernardo Bertolluci already doing sexually deranged/Marxist cinema like this almost over half a century ago? At least Bertolluci actually knew how to do it artistically. What white man would ever eat out a black woman? I bet Bertolluci would.

The scene of cunnilingus in Away We Go is easily the most “powerful” scene in the whole movie and I do not say that as a compliment. I say that in that I was completely disgusted by the scene and it is evidence that even upper middleclass America has been completely desensitized by and succumbed to degeneracy. The mulatto child born through miscegenation practiced by the couple in Away We Go is best representative of the global degeneracy being pushed by studios like Focus Features. A world without roots, without culture, without gender, without race, and without tradition. Away We Go indeed, into our own self-prophesizing apocalypse.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get there.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

What makes a complete nonsense of this film is the fact that the director (Sam Mendes) is british scum, i dont know why you even bothered to reveiw it.

Anonymous said...

This is honestly the best review I've read in some time. It's refreshing to see someone with a interest in film with an opinion opposite of the left.

Unknown said...

I agree this is a great review although as a white man i have eaten out the ebony meat curtain a few times.