Mar 2, 2009

Turkish I Spit On Your Grave

I really don't know how else to put it. If I labeled this review Intikam Kadini, It would probably lose interest and not draw eyes as this alternative title does and seeing as there already is a Turkish film called Kadini Intikam directed in 1968, I don't want to risk the chance of the Internet buzz indicator spoiling my credibility. So, as the cinema industry would have it, our good friends in Turkey have decided to remake a film that never really had any substantial elements to it to begin with. I can foresee the day some third world country decides to remake Reptilicus. And such is the origins of the spawn of nightmares and how "it" comes into existence.

I Spit On Your Grave is a classic of rape/revenge films merely because it is one of few that actually attempted to supersede violence, both sexually and primordial, and form a film with both of these key assets in mind. Now, in most rape/revenge films, It's the same formula over and over again that somehow only gets increasingly worse as the idea stays out to dry longer. You'd think with the Hollywood reinvention of contemporary cinema, some chump would attempt to reinvent the genre. Oh wait, there was an attempt that slipped under most radars. While Death Sentence was an amazing attempt to create a post-modern version of Death Wish but with less Bronson and more Bacon, the result was a film that lacked rape and thus, lacked nutrition.

To start out, allow me to state this obvious. This Turkish rendition of a "rape classic" is absolutely disgusting and vile and not in the exhibitionist aspect. Almost every segment of this film is annoying, contrived, anti-cultured, and to put it plainly; lame. But the real "sauce" that flavors this film is, hilariously enough, the transfer of the print. Remember when Grindhouse was released and the audience soon noticed the scratches and grain on screen. Well this move also helped out booth operators worldwide as they didn't have to risk scratching a print and having their manager scold them. The Turkish I Spit On Your Grave is one of the worst negatives I've ever witness and ironically enough, this by itself is enough to turn the film into soluble material and even a degraded form of art. For more on the subject of decaying film as an art, check out an interesting piece called Decasia - The State of Decay.

So what one would expect, thankfully, is still intact. A group of rough travelers stop by what appears to be a farm plot run by a peasant girl and a mild-mannered farm hand that meets his fate at the hands of the disgruntled male. To continue the tradition, hormones fluctuate and this "poor" female is sodomized by 3 to 4 men. I've seen dramatic interpretations of rape here and there but none have touched the level of unbelievable and cheesy as this film accomplishes within a swift 10 minutes. After she was raped and noticed her deus ex machina was slaughtered off screen by a Turkish Bob Hoskins, she packs her bags (She has none. She recovered from the trauma rather quickly) and sets off to the city to become that of a social chameleon with plans to seduce and destroy and she does just this but in really anti-climatic ways that takes the subject of implied violence and attaches weights to the very idea.

What the final product equates to is an acid-washed film print of an unauthorized remake lacking subtitles. The experience is wholly psychedelic and whiny at times but I enjoyed myself thoroughly watching this film. If this film were to ever find release, the transfer better be just as bad if not worse. I'd never thought I'd see the day where a shitty transfer can actually amplify the effects of a film, let alone redeem it for the very sin that it creates. For some great pseudo-Muslim softcore pornography, this title is a very arousing piece of third world debauchery composed of archaic cinematography and the likes. In other words, come ready with gifts of alcohol as this film isn't as wacky as the other Turkish atrocities. And by that I mean this is disappointing compared to Turkish Star Wars. Sucking at sucking must suck.


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Very well put.

Sucking at sucking takes real sincerity.