Mar 15, 2009

The Sinful Dwarf

"The Mother of all 'Dwarfsploitation' films!" is what is pasted across the DVD sleeve. The new Severin release of The Sinful Dwarf marks a title that isn't Jess Franco and isn't entirely sexploitation (roughly). This film's release has been significant to most of us cult film fans as its controversy with midget coalitions has spread outwards in a blazing hail out backwards promotion. Or so we thought. With a short interview on the Severin disc, we get inside the shallow mindset of a "genre fan" who did too many drugs and watched this film in some summer of some year but this story nonetheless equates with him and his friend being traumatized by a film that presents nothing but absurdity, not terror, but we'll get into that later.

The LPA [Little People of America] must be shitting bricks about now. The plot of The Sinful Dwarf is unrelated insanity. "Unrelated to what?" you ask. The theory of being, my friends. For the sake of entertainment value, I'd like to construe the ridiculousness with choice words from the tag line. "Young Bride," "Lewd Passions," and "Evil Dwarf" are the most eloquent of quote grabs I could find. Of course, I only excluded six words from the entire quote to join this stringy bit of meat known as a "blurb." What we get is a ubiquitous XXX version of Being Captured, regardless of the predated 10 year difference. Props must be transmitted to Being Captured for one upping The Sinful Dwarf by including a midget in a sailors costume cause as well all know, sailors outfits "look pretty damn gay."

In a way, Torben is commensurable to a canine, better yet, a mutt. Brought in from the hazardous eye of society and a hazardous environment, this mutt will most likely take full advantage of the blessing he has received and soon will diminish the need for appreciation towards his saving grace. Given his obedience to the scar-lady, the difference is not much. With his physical and quite literal stature attributing to the likely metamorphosis into beast, It's really no wonder that dwarfs are revolting against this release. Even I'm a bit disgusted by a sadistic "little person" with a sneering grin that could burn stone. Too bad the world is on stilts and no one's likely to hear their little voices from down there. Though Torben is hailed as a Jack Black lookalike I find his appearance to fit more of a Chucky from Child's Play schematic. In fact, the joint visage is uncanny as they are both short, have medium length similar hair color, and that damned demented grin that devours souls faster than the Negaturkey [not really.]

As perfectly evidenced here, rape is a charitable service to the progressive societal structure, cinematically and at times, present reality. Further more, it even acts as another weight for that aforementioned balance of good/evil. Danish(?) darling Anne Sparrow's first and only screen appearance was in The Sinful Dwarf. Reasons unknown but the culprit has been declared as The Sinful Dwarf by trash fanatics screaming at the "evil legacy" of this film that prevailed over the indomitable beauty. [SPOILERS] From the get-go, we knew Sparrow's (Mary) character was doomed. After all, she was the only soul to notice the scratchings at night and the weird sounds that enclosed her paranoia. Even though our vantage to Mary is through a celestial viewpoint and as much as we love her, we still yearn to see her trembling body uncovered in her god-given beauty. I'm sure Sugar & Spice has tribute to give Anne Sparrow and it's everything nice. Degradation is imminent and the countdown is suffered through by infantile squeaks of many toys littering the dank wood flooring the attic. We underestimate just exactly how much she will suffer that it dawns on us. I couldn't believe my eyes. A heroine is supposed to revolt causing a panic and disarray just in time to hold her lover by quarrels end, but alas, this never comes. We watch her get drugged and raped by a stranger whose face is never realized on camera. As stunned as I was, this experience proved to be erotically soothing. While my instincts are bewildered with thoughts - something akin to a flower being obliterated by an atom bomb. This demonstration of a feminine holocaust is an attack on unapparent promiscuities at the core. The Sinful Dwarf has an impact and it relied solely on the rape of Anne Sparrow. Call me evil and perverted but you're watching The Sinful Dwarf for the same reasons. [/SPOILERS]

For a EuroCult title the direction is astounding and visually arresting. The opening credits has title cards with such vibrancy that it revokes memories of the early workings of Technicolor and revolves around motorized toys galloping about, squeaking exhaustively, all to a cherubic track of childhood noise. Meanwhile , we witness a teenager playing hop-scotch. We see Olaf (Torben) lead her to his abode of evil with promises of toys in his attic. As you'd have it, he quickly hits her over the head and subjects her to constant rape and drugs. If this isn't a classic case example of the perversion of the innocent then I don't know what is.

Maybe I'm blind to the cultural significance of The Sinful Dwarf or maybe I've lost my perpetual taste. The answer is neither nor. The Sinful Dwarf built up as a passable excursion in Euro sleaze with handicapped dementia but soon soared into a whole new light, unveiling this as more of a morbid curio shot with carny aesthetics. Nihilism in tow, this film will drag you down with disturbing thematics with just the right portioning of tragedy and comedy; If not for the haunting portrayal of midgets then surely for the pseudo-Joan Crawford/Mommie Dearest visions of an ex-starlet past her prime running a sexual slavery business in her attic. A funny look at the complex and barbaric nature of man but sensationalized with a seedy eroticism. A hopeless masturbatory fantasy of lucid film stock cured by a neurotic dwarf. What better way to spend a rainy day?



Bill said...

Reading this review, I suddenly crave this film's filthy caress against my retinas.

Keith said...

I definitely want to see this movie now. That is one creepy looking midget. It's certainly not a PC movie like what comes out of Hollywood these days. Anne is hot. I'd watch this movie just to check her out. Thanks for the mention of my blog. I appreciate it. I love the girls in the Eurosleaze movies. It's a shame that some of them only made one or two movies.