Mar 14, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

Jonathan Demme has come a long way since directing his early comedy films like Something Wild and then later serial killer dramas like The Silence of Lambs. Now Demme has jumped on the new Hollywood pseudo-artistic bandwagon of directing realist documentary style feature-length films. The arrogant Dane Lars Von Trier really seemed to inadvertently inspired the Hollywood> studio system he so greatly desires. Now Jonathan Demme has given up directing big budget and polished production values for a more “naturalistic” style feel. Personally, I never thought Demme would ever be interested in directing a film such as Rachel Getting Married. Well, he is getting old and I am sure directing a “shaky camera art film” was less of a strain on Demme’s aging back.

Rachel Getting Married
stars the rising Hollywood talent Anne Hathaway. Hathaway has really become ambitious with her acting career by taking roles in various subversive films over the years. Hathaway first became popular with little girls starring in the Disney films, The Princess Diaries. Hathaway would first bare her breasts in the lame direct-to-video wigger flick Havoc. The film follows a bunch of lame ass rich white people that want to be poor and illiterate gangbanging Negros. Hathaway for some disturbing reason becomes sexually attracted to a short and criminal Mexican gangsta. One could say Havoc is a despicable film. But since that atrocity on celluloid, Anne Hathaway has proved she has acting talent and Rachel Getting Married is evidence of that.

In fact, Anne Hathaway is what really carries Rachel Getting Married as a “quality” film. I wouldn’t say the direction in the film is notable and most of the other actors are repellent. Hathaway plays a self-centered bitch named Kym in Rachel Getting Married who also happens to be a recovering junkie. Kym comes back to her hometown from drug rehab so she can attend her sister Rachel’s wedding to a nerdy black man named Sidney. As soon as she arrives, Kym is a complete cunt that demands attention from everyone. Kym attempts to get attention in a variety of creative ways such as bringing up to everyone how she would do stupid things while on drugs or fucking a random guy she just meets. Kym certainly is not going to allow her sister to have all the attention though it’s her own wedding.

Anne Hathaway is so flawless in her acting performance in Rachel Getting Married as a wacked out bitch that it almost had me worried. I have a very personal liking of Anne Hathaway as she has a certain resemblance to a young woman that I am fairly close to. Her performance in Rachel Getting Married has me wondering if she possibly has some unflattering behavior in real-life. Maybe it’s the misogynist in me, but I don’t believe that many actresses (and this goes for many of their male counterparts) working in Hollywood these days are at all talented. Hathaway may be the most talented young actress in Hollywood and I really hope her performance in Rachel Getting Married was just acting.

The only thing lamer and more impotent than your typical white liberal American bourgeois family is a multicultural bourgeois family. Yes, to “get with the times” the family in Rachel Getting Married has variety of deracinated individuals that lack any culture or interesting lives. To make up for their lack of commonness and true family loyalty, the individuals make such things as washing dishes the most eventful activity in the film. Like your typical real-life white liberal bourgeois, the family in Rachel Getting Married talks to their minority friends like they are pets. They give big contrived smiles to the tamed minorities and talk about nothing except banal small talk. One cannot forget how white liberals like to grind and groove to the sweet sounds of jungle jazz and hip hop.

Druggie Kym is the most interesting character and she is deranged. Kym and Rachel’s father, like virtually all male white liberals, is weak and effeminate. One could say that his mongrel wife wears the “docker” pants in the family. Only an “open minded” individual like the father in Rachel Getting Married could still be proud of his druggie loser daughter and dancingly ecstatic to the fact that he’s having a mulatto grandchild. But this is no surprise, I cannot remember the last time I saw a strong independent and virtuous white man in a Hollywood film.

Something tells me that Rachel Getting Married is an accurate portrayal of many bourgeois families. I like to think the film is even white liberal exploitation but that may be a little far-fetched. Either way, Rachel Getting Married is a worthwhile film to checkout. Sure, the film has various scenes that feel like “documentary-like” filler and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was made over a long weekend, but Rachel Getting Married is entertaining. Anne Hathaway is probably the only American actress whose career I will be following in the future.

-Ty E

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Phantom of Pulp said...

I liked it less than you, although your review details your reasons for liking it very convincingly.

What wore me out was the five song + wedding dance sequence. It was interminable. It was as if the musicians had been promised five on-screen numbers in exchange for a reduced fee.

Hathaway was very good. Unfortunately, she fucked herself with the execrable "Bride Wars".