Mar 8, 2009

The Inheritors

When the typical sub-literate American hears the words “German” or “Germany,” Nazi is most likely the first thing to cross the American public school indoctrinated citizen’s thoughtful mind. You can graduate an American high school without ever actually reading a book but you will no doubt know about “the holocaust” and the evils committed by the Teutonic devils during the second World War. For some reason, even Germans of today are held responsible for the deeds of their grandparents and great-grandparents. That being said, one has to be 100% hateful and anti-Social to be a German Neo-Nazi. This is what makes the 1982 German film The Inheritors directed by Walter Bannert so entertaining.

Despite being from Germany, The Inheritors has the same typical cheesy Hollywood productive values so prevalent during the 1980s. The film features long haired Nazis and young men wearing jeans that would look more appropriate on a trailer park Grandma. The Inheritors features very few Aryan looking Germans. In fact, one may even mistake some of these New Wave National Socialist lads as Kosher boys. I like to think that just maybe The Inheritors was a huge hit in the tiny state of Israel. Nothing fuels the homicidal energy of an IDF soldier than thinking about how poor Jews were led like sheep to the gas chambers. With the quality of the Neo-Nazi recruits in The Inheritors, however, one shouldn’t expect a second holocaust.

The Inheritors feature two troubled and lonely young men as they pick up the hobby of goose stepping and holocaust denying for fun. The boys are from very different social backgrounds, but they come together for their love of the Fatherland and hatred of their parents. The rich young man featured in The Inheritors has a bitch of mom who can’t help but belittle her son every chance she gets. At least with fatherly Neo-Nazi leaders, the boy seems to have people that care about him. Not only does he have a big group of social misfit friends of all ages, but he also gets to wear a cool red armband.

Probably the most offensive scene in The Inheritors is when one of the young and stoic Neo-Nazi teenagers sports an SS regalia uniform minus wearing pants or a shirt. He then forces a willing girl to perform fellatio on him in dedication to the fuehrer (or at least one can only assume). A boy also fucks a girl who couldn't care less if her suitor is a Nazi. Later the German patriot finds out that the girl used him merely for fun and she now has another man. Neo-Nazi Germany will have no tolerance for sluts that are just in it for the sex and are unwilling to produce Aryan superbabies for the good of the Teutonic race.

Despite being about Neo-Nazis, The Inheritors unfortunately does not feature much hate driven political rhetoric or minority beatings. The group is portrayed for the most part as a fringe group that takes photos of anti-patriot German traitors then later beats them to a bloody pulp. The Inheritors kind of reminded me of a John Hughes film without intentional comedy and whiny spoiled American teens. At the end of The Inheritors I felt something truly hateful was missing, but it was a good way to waste 80 minutes or so.

-Ty E

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DaneDane said...

when was this movie released? do you know anywhere on the web where i can watch this for free