Mar 29, 2009

From Within

Hollywood has a way of mocking Christians and Christianity every opportunity it gets. Of course, it is not hard to figure out why this occurrence is so prevalent among the movie makers from the Boulevard of broken dreams, but as of recently it has gotten entirely too blatant. Whatever happened to well made blasphemous films like The Night of the Hunter (1955) or Elmer Gantry (1960) that at least had somewhat questionable religious messages. When possessed girls started shoving crucifixes in their coochees in films like The Exorcist directed by Jewish director William Friedkin, the heretical sentiments were more than obvious. Nowadays, it seems that Hollywood vomits a couple hundred anti-Christian films mainly in the horror genre but also branching out into just about every other genre. Today, a film like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ is extremely rebellious and had better gore scenes than most contemporary horror films. Hell, Gibson even managed to piss off the kosher crew by beating them at their own game which I am sure most people can respect.

This homely girl is the result of intercourse between Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

I just watched the “horror” film From Within which is part of the third After Dark Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die for film series. Out of all of the films I have seen in this series, From Within is easily the most Anti-Christian. In fact, it is so Anti-Christian that it even offends me and I am far from a saint. I grew up in a somewhat small town and was exposed to stupid superstitious rural folk. You know, the type of Jesus fans that a film like from From Within portrays as blood thirsty country bumpkins looking blindly to do the lord’s work. As a child, I was told by a good Christian child I was going to hell because I never went to church. I also recall a group of holy Negro children telling me that I was going to hell when I was 7 years old because I told them my favorite color was red (maybe because it’s the color of the devil and blood or something?). The Christians featured in From Within are much more militant than the ones I grew up around, but it is a movie and not reality after all, isn’t it?

What happens when a series of suicides occur in a small Christian town in the good ole’ U.S.A.? The good JC fans in From Within ignore the occurrences and cling tighter to their bibles. After some time though, the reason for the suicides becomes apparent when a nonbeliever named Aidan insults Christianity to a fanatical Christian teenager named Dylan who happens to be the son of the Pastor (who secretly likes to play buttdarts!). Aidan gets Dylan back though by stealing his virginal girlfriend and showing her why purity is boring. Of course, Dylan unleashes an angry mob (or just a few rednecks in a pick-up truck) on poor wussy pseudo-Goth boi Aiden. Aiden’s mother, who dabbled in witchcraft, had her life cut short by the very same townspeople. From Within, is another one of those films that show why living in a small town where you know everyone is bad and can lead to death.

From Within has all the signature anti-Christian clichés that have become ever so popular with each passing year in Hollywood. The film features hateful and self-righteous Christian psychos, Christians looking to kill nonbelievers in the name of Christ, Christians lacking a sense of humor, Christian rednecks, Gay false prophet pastors, and the ever so popular Christian irrational hostility to outsiders. As much as I hate most evangelical types that I encounter, I felt that From Within was just stupid hateful trash. The most symbolic of this stupidity is having Adam Goldberg, the whiniest Jew in movies since Woody Allen, playing a tough redneck ex-con turned Christian crusader for Christ. This type of genius casting is equivalent to having Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a Rabbi in a film where he gives prayers to liberated Jews at Dachau concentration camp in 1945. I don’t know, maybe Adam Goldberg wanted to pretend he had a pair of testicles for once in his life by playing a redneck. Poor Goldie, it was impossible for him to cover up the peculiar sounds that come out of his mouth when he talks even while playing a blue collar hooligan.

Kosher Commando Adam Goldberg is not fooling anyone

From Within
is one of those films that just demands you to feel how badly it sucks. With the film's series of suicides, it makes one wonder if that was the act intended for the viewer by the director after watching the film. The only possible way for one to get From Within out of their mind after watching it is to end ones tainted life there afterwards. For someone that has been a nonbeliever and outspoken against the obvious hypocrisies of Christianity from an early age, I even felt like I was going to hell after watching From Within. It makes me almost wish there was a hell so that I could rest easy at night knowing that filmmakers like Steven Spielberg would be getting a pitchfork in the ass while being escorted into hell by the devil himself.

-Ty E


Fox said...

Adam Goldberg and Eli Roth get closer and closer to looking like each other each day. Perhaps we will get lucky and they will merge so we only have to put up with one.

But, TyE, you are so right about the anti-Christian crap that keeps spewing out of Hollywood. I'm a lapsed Catholic myself, and I stopped believing altogether a long time ago, but the constant mocking of people who choose to believe is disgusting. I think Christianity has passed Cheerleaders & Jocks on the easy-target list for Hollywood screenwriters.

thebonebreaker said...

Thanks for the heads-up/warning TyE!

thebonebreaker said...


About 20 minutes after I read this review, my neighbor dropped in and informed me that he had purchased all 8 films, so I went over to watch one. My pick was Perkins 14, though he wanted to just make a random selection, which was cool with me, until From Within was the selected film - I told my neighbor that I had just heard that this one was not all that good - unfortunately it was the luck of the draw, and unfortunately you were correct in your review!

Oh well. . . :-)

Keith said...

I consider myself a Christian. I was raised Free Will Baptist, but I'm not sure how I would label myself these days. I don't go to church though. I guess I study and practice my own thing. I'm not a good Christian by any means. It does tick me off to see so much anti-Christian stuff coming out of Hollywood. If they attacked other religions like they do Christianity, there would be such a firestorm out there. I actually though The Passion Of The Christ was an amazing film.

Turner said...

As an old friend, and Christian myself, I must say that this review has made me want to leave a comment. It's not easy being a Christian these days. Not only is it tough to deal with the Hollywood attack machine, to the liberal college professors, and twenty something self-proclaimed atheist, vegan, scarf-wearing hipsters. There is the "evangelical" self-rightous hypocrites that want to use the religion as a tool to keep a leash on society. Now, we are all human and every one of us has sinned. We can not live the way these so called Christians want us to live because it is impossible for us to do so. Therefore, Christ's death would just be useless.

Anyway, I must say I enjoy this blog, although I do not agree with it at times, but thats the great thing about it. Keep up the good work.

-ol' friend

peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

again i had problems concentrating when i was reading this reveiw because all i was thinking about was cindy hinds, why? i hear you ask, well because the title of this film is half of one of the alternative titles to cronenbergs shivers, "they came {FROM WITHIN}", see, "FROM WITHIN", (the other title being "the parasite murders" in case you were interested) so it was just a natural step for me to move on 4 years from `74 when shivers was being filmed to `78 when the brood was being shot and there i was again with the gorgeous miss hinds, you see i try to concentrate on these brilliant reveiws that you write but any one word, phrase or in this case title can immediatly make me start thinkng about cindy or more likely heather, thats how much my life revolves around fantasising about those 2 gorgeous little girls, (and primarily about buggering them, obviously) i wonder if cronenberg got to bugger cindy on the set of the brood when no-one was looking, i bet he did, the lucky bastard.

JESCIE said...