Mar 31, 2009

David Icke: The Lizards and the Jews

I am a fan of reading conspiracy theories whether to be enlightened in some way or to be merely entertained. Since I do not know too much about him, I decided to watch the documentary David Icke: The Lizards and the Jews. I knew that Icke was a former professional soccer player and that he believes Reptilians are our secret leaders. After watching the documentary, I did not learn much more about his conspiracy theories. I was just further convinced that left-wing “activists” are probably the weakest people (both physically and mentally) to ever survive childbirth. For much of David Icke: The Lizards and the Jews, left-wing activists stalk Icke during his tour in Canada in hopes to shut him down from appearing publicly as they consider him "anti-Semitic."

David Icke seems to be what fellow Brit Steven Morrissey would call a “charming man.” After declaring himself the “son of god” on television, apparently Icke became the laughingstock of England. David Icke, however, would have the last laugh when he would later gain a larger following of individuals that believe his theories of Reptilian humanoids known as the Babylonian Brotherhood are a global elite that happen to control everything we hear and see. Apparently, many of these reptilians also happen to be Jewish thus resulting in a negative backlash from Jewish groups like the slimy ADL and annoying turds like the ARA. What these people do not realize is that people like David Icke help to discredit “anti-Semitic conspiracies” by talking about people being reptilians. Apparently, the reptilians have a resemblance to the anti-Jew propaganda that used to be so prominent in Eastern Europe. Maybe it’s the nose?

Despite not really believing in Icke’s message, I do have respect for what he is doing. David Icke seems to really believe in something and it has given his life some meaning since his soccer career was cut short. Plus despite their sci-fi elements, Icke’s conspiracy theories are most likely more credible than any of Michael Moore’s documentaries. The annoying and loudmouthed Texan Alex Jones seems to have some beef with David Icke as the documentary reveals. Jones referred to David Icke as a ‘turd in a punch bowl.’ According to Alex Jones, the Arabs own Hollywood. I am assuming that Mr. Jones only watches DVDs of himself. Or maybe his Zionist wife told him about how these evil terrorist Arabs run Hollywood? It is believed that a lot of Alex Jones' anger comes from the fact that he has found it nearly impossible to get Israeli citizenship as he would complain about it in his radio show. Having a Kosher wife and children still makes it hard for a goy to get citizenship. Only the chosen amongst god’s chosen have that privilege.

The climax of David Icke: The Lizards and the Jews occurs when a group of anti-anti-Semites decide they are going to throw a pie at Icke when he speaks. Talk about rebellious and subversive, these soldiers of the rainbow really know how to make progress with being progressive. Unfortunately, the limp wristed fellow that throws the pie misses and ruins a bunch of innocent children’s books. They also end up making asses of themselves by dressing up in Lizard suits and yelling at Icke that he is “Anti-Semitic.” After their failed mission, the group of goodhearted anti-fascists brag about their attack. They also claimed to have seen real-life Nazis with swastika and SS bolt tattoos. Surprisingly, no Neo-Nazis or skinheads are seen in the documentary footage as the activists claim to have seen. One of the anti-fascists, who also happens to be one of those stereotypical shaved head bull dyke lesbians, also states that most of David Icke’s fans seem to be “rich white people.” I thought according to progressive types, stereotyping is bad?

After watching David Icke: The Lizards and the Jews, I may read one of Icke’s books for the hell of it. Icke may not be the son of God, but he seems to piss off anti-fascists just as much as Jesus. The journalist who follows David Icke in the documentary, Jon Ronson, also seems to grow to like Icke as the documentary progresses. What’s not to like about a father who plays soccer with his son and tells his kids that evil reptile humanoids rule the earth?

-Ty E


Fox said...

Entertaining as awlays, TyE!

Ahh... pie throwing. The "non-violent" violent form of shouting down people when you don't have the intelligence to form a counter-argument against "rich white people".

Also, you mention Jon Ronson in that final paragraph. I've read some of his book "Them" (which has a part on Icke... which I think I will go read tonight thanks to this post) where he follows around what the book calls "extremists". What I like about him is that he is kind to the subjects he finds to be wacked out. It's an attempt to understand instead of pre-emptively condemning as the protesters in this movie seem to do.

And supposedly Edgar Wright has been wanting to make "Them" into a movie for awhile.

Soiled Sinema said...

Fox- I checked out info on Ronson's "Them." Thanks for mentioning it, looks like I will have to give it a read.

-Ty E

Nicholas said...

Glad you reviewed this. I also thought it was a very interesting film, and have shared it in my blogs in the past, not so much because I believe David Icke, but because it really shows the psychosis of the ARA/ADL/SPLC types. It is sort of nice to see them get the cold shoulder from the "regular" people who are line up to see Icke.

I am surprised that I have not heard about Jones' Hebrew bride before. Go figure. Perhaps that's why he continually misses the obvious in his hysterics. Someone posted his new one "The Obama Deception" yesterday and I watched it. It has all the problems of his other work.

Joseph Driftwood said...

yes, Alex Jones is indeed a crazy douchebag...apparently he scared the shit out of Texas in '99 saying the Russians were attacking....

my name is luka...i live on the second floor said...

david icke is heterosexual there-fore everything he says must be true by definition.

665+1 said...

I loved when the fat, Jewish bull dyke chortled at the idea of being called a fascist. Or when she spoke of "rich, white" people with the distaste that only a rich girl that listens to Bikini Kill while stapling zines in her downtown studio apartment that, ugh, daddy pays for, can muster. I've always thought Icke a nutter- and still do. But he is a charming nutter without an ounce of hatred in his heart (except for child abducting reptilian aliens bent on world domination, perhaps). He is nothing if not sincere in his wacky beliefs. Watching those liberal nazis do their damnedest to shut him down is more disturbing than Al Gore drinking ten gallons of virgin Aryan blood any day. What do these people believe in? What do they stand for? Icke has an ideology, but what do they have? A friend who works at a bakery?

665+1 said...

Just finished reading THEM- good stuff!