Mar 22, 2009

A Conversation About Race

A Conversation About Race is a splendid documentary trying to find out whether or not “racism” still exists in America. The documentary’s director, Craig Bodeker, asks random people on the street and behind closed doors questions about race and racism. The people in A Conversation About Race are your typical victims of cultural Marxism that believe the #1 issue facing America is racism. The people include an elderly black man who believes he’s a victim of racism because a white guy said he was good at dancing, a young female grad student type that typically lacks common sense, a transgendered freak who got a sex change, a feminist woman who talks like she has testicles, and a few other special people. All in all, most of these peoples responses made me want to vomit and prove why mob rule (democracy) is a joke.

Aryan documentary filmmaker Craig Bodeker with Asians

First, one has to look at the history of the word “racism” and its political origins. The first people to rally against “racism” were Marxists. When the Marxists got tired of blaming the bourgeois for the problems of the world, they decided to blame European and European-Americans. In fact, in the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin made “Antisemitism” a capital crime. For example, if someone were to point out that Soviet mass murderer Genrikh Yagoda, who murdered tens of millions of innocent white Russians, was Jewish, they could be murdered. Since words like “racism” and “Antisemitism” defy a true definition, as A Conversation About Race proves, anyone can be accused of it. Of course whites (people of European descent, sorry, Jews are not white but partial Asiatics), are the only ones that can be charged with racism in America. The cultural Marxist belief is that so-called minorities cannot be racists because they are in a “power struggle” against evil Caucasians.

Yes, modern liberalism, “anti-racism”, and other pseudo-progressive movements are the products of Marxist theory. The same type of Marxist theory that has resulted in the largest number of deaths in human history over the past century. Were the NKVD butchers that were responsible for these deaths “white?” Not really, the majority of these individuals, such as Lazar Kaganovich and Genrikh Yagoda were your typical Asiatic Eastern European Jews. The murderers that weren’t Jewish were some other type of minority and usually had a Jewish wife as a “safety” to prove they were not “anti-Semitic.” Many of these Soviet Union Jews would later move to the United States and have children known as “red diaper” babies. These kosher tots would grow up to lead the “Civil Rights” movement, promote drugs, break down European-American institutions, and promote such institutionally racist programs as affirmative action. Although these liberal liberators claim to be battling hate and oppression, they are historically (as the documentary proves) the biggest haters and mass murderers in all of history. Sadly, they lead the fight against modern day “racism.”

Asiatic Mongrel (notably of Jewish and Mongolian descent) and Mass Murderer
of ten million white people Vladimir Lenin speaks on the cancer that is Antisemitism

But what is racism? In A Conversation About Race, Craig Bodeker attempts to ask your typical American genius citizen what racism really is. Naturally, Bodeker cannot find an individual that gives a straight definition or example of it. Although the promoters of “anti-racism” will tell you that “race” is an “artificial construct (talk about irrationality),” they believe race (something that apparently doesn’t exist) problems are the major issue poisoning the world today. In A Conversation About Race we find out that the only “artificial construct” is the word “racism.” Like the most irrational and pathetic of religious dogma, believing in the evils of racism is a faith based system. Neurotic school teachers use fear to indoctrinate children at an early age the “evils” of racism so that it sticks in their mind forever. The very thought of “racism” has now become an emotional response that defies rationality and intellectual activity.

Thanks to the weak and spoiled baby boomers of the 1960s, liberalism and multiculturalism have created a country that is committing suicide. Forgot about learning to read or studying real history, students only need to know that racism is really bad stuff. Forget about white heritage and history, it was all evil and fascist. Whites don’t deserve a culture, the poor exploited races that don’t actually exist do! Funny, I thought that Europeans were the group of people historically that have individualist as opposed to collectivist societies thus being less ethnocentric. And isn’t it the international Jewish race that is clannish and the most ethnocentric of all? Aren’t blacks, Latinos, Asiatics, and other minority group collectivist societies that love to bring their Diasporas to America and deny assimilation? Isn’t it whites that aren’t allowed to have a culture? Wait, my bad, we have NASCAR and the young whore Miley Cyrus. Stupid whites, due to their individualism, bought into “anti-racism” because they are individualists who want to prove they can make it on their own and help the poor minority in the process. It has only cost them control of America and even Europe. I guess all that Holocaust business went to their heads. Maybe they should care about the 50 million or so of their own people that died in World War II instead of a small (but powerful) minority of people that are hostile to them.

A Conversation About Race
is probably a controversial documentary for those emotionally impulsive liberal types. The documentary uses rationality and common sense to get its point across instead of typical liberal sentimentalism so typical of Hollywood race pictures. Maybe documentaries like A Conversation About Race are a slow start to a white awakening that minorities don’t care about whites and believe they are owed something. For racial population changes in America, whites are going to be forced into a collectivist type of culture if they hope to survive. But with wiggers, philo-Semitic intellectuals, and increasing mongrelization, it is going to be a rough road ahead.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

this reveiw was quite magnificent. I`d also be very interested to hear your opinion on the obscure 1991 documentary "BLOOD IN THE FACE" in which michael moore was one of the interveiwers.

Quint-R said...

Its a shame whites feel that they can't proudly accept their ancesteral culture. But I'm glad you mentioned that it was other whites who told these whites that they're all so racist. I think whites suffer alot because of what they fear is engrained in them, just like any minority being self-conscious that they're portraying a stereotype.

I'm 3/4 black. I have a white grandmother. I'm about as "colorblind" as humanly possible and not by choice. This seems like a cool documentary, but people focus too much on racism. Whats worse than the negative qualities of each race are the people obsessed with these negative qualities. Be proud of what you are and stop apologizing for your heritage. We're all here together and THESE PEOPLE ARE DEAD. You'll never meet slaves, slaveowners, Nazis, etc.

Keep up the mature discussions, guys.

caindevera said...

Racism was invented by Marxists? Rich, rich vein of comedy gold there.