Mar 26, 2009

Box Ball

Box Ball is the living endowment of "anti-porn." To listen closely as a lady with a nasally vocal system describe in vivid and vulgar detail her fantastical experiences involving bringing a lucky male home to twist his "pendulous" balls over and over in the fashion of a rope forming a "grotesticle" anomaly is the true definition of home entertainment terror. Filmed in 1977, Box Ball is one of the better roughies I've been unlucky enough to witness and with this condolence, I give you my short and inebriated thoughts on the subject. Now with calling the film a "better" roughie, I find it necessary to examine the word closer as to get a feeling of pride in knowing you're about to watch a project that only Satan can be proud of. Box Ball is a film that I could ultimately go without seeing ever again but for a man to climax as the horrors of the world are being unleashed on his family jewels is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

You will admire painted pastels decorate the film stock along with much needed grain and VHS reproduction tracking errors. This is something of an accidental aesthetic and it actually benefits the case of Box Ball and that case is beyond my, or any man's, comprehension. Only thing I know is that whatever they had in mind to create was successful with the invention of Box Ball - a film that dictates a strict character of monogamy. It's practically blurting out a sermon warning of the dangers of recreational sex. God only knows how many romantic comedies should take after Box Ball, one of the first classics of the genre. For being a porno short, Box Ball is efficient in building up such an aberrant argument against the sexual affliction. Women require the need of diversity. Hence why most of female kind seems to lean towards doggy style and bullish black men. It's this lingering curiosity that leads to the sexual experimentation in Box Ball.

Speaking of women's fixation with diversity, that brings to mind the domineering role of a modern day fellatio-giver. Women love to feel in charge, to feel empowered - Hell, most of us do and it's in this similar staple for men to commonly enjoy the thought of power-play (rape). Men enjoy rape fantasies and women have testicle-twisting fantasies. Let's hope the last statement isn't accurate or both sexes are screwed. It's in this similar vein of vice versa squirming lovers experiencing a tipping scale of fetishism that the philosophy of Box Ball occurs. The leading lady loves to twist his testicles tight into a sliver and forcefully lift up his body by noted "organ." This scene in particular is the most arduous scene Box Ball has to offer. For being an archaic look at a masochistic male and sadistic slut, Box Ball is an absorbing film(?) if not for being inclusively fucked up and the antithesis of common placed arousal.



Andy C said...

I've tormented people with this short for YEARS!!! I even included a relatively subliminal clip from it in my first film THE MUTILATION MAN just to more or less put people on edge! The 70's were great!

Soiled Sinema said...

That's a great concept. I've just recently viewed this so I'm still fresh with the torment but leave it to me to ruin the parties with GENKI-GENKI films and Can You Call Me Sweetheart?

I'll have to check out The Mutilation Man. Thanks for the subliminal recommendation.