Mar 28, 2009

Blood in the Face

It has been sometime since I originally saw Anne Bohlen’s Blood in the Face documentary on Neo-Nazis and Christian Ku Klux Klaners. After just watching it for the second time, I must admit that the documentary is an embarrassment to the white race. No matter how much people hate the original National Socialists from Germany, they at least have to admit they were a powerful force to be reckoned with. The most power these “subjects” have in Blood in the Face is controlling an audience of 30 or so Christian anti-intellectual followers. Although most documentaries and films on Neo-Nazis are obviously biased, Blood in the Face is pretty fair in the treatment of its subjects. The documentary for the most part just features Aryan wannabes incriminating themselves as a pathetic fringe of the white race. The Neo-“Nazis” obsession with white power is the final resort in these miserable people’s dead end lives.

The Elite American SS

Ironically, many of the “Aryans” in Blood in the Face seem to have some type of nonwhite blood admixture. One of the first speakers in the documentary has a certain kosher charisma that you could only find in a vaudeville performance. When this goofy fellow in fatigues and a beret has “shabbos goy stooges” roll off his lips it seems a little too natural. One also cannot forget the far from Nordic elderly man who declares he hates all "mud people.” I wouldn’t be surprised if this man had some type of Negro blood somewhere in his mutated family tree. Church burner and best friend killer Varg Kikernes had something profound to say when he mentioned why purely Aryan type whites generally don’t gravitate towards Neo-Nazism. Varg stated in the fun book Lords of Chaos, “The people who really could claim the Nordic heritage, they don’t bother. They don’t really think about it because it’s so obvious to them…when they look in the mirror they see a true Norseman. They don’t see mixture. It’s not so easy for them to become aware of it.

Hail Victory!!....or something

My favorite segment of Blood in the Face is the footage of the first American Neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell. Unlike virtually all Neo-Nazis, Rockwell was fairly intelligent, charismatic, a natural salesman, and a comedian. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that Rockwell was one of the greatest American comedians of the past century. George Lincoln Rockwell’s father Doc was a fairly successful vaudevillian comedian and friends with famous Jewish comedian Groucho Marx. Even when not joking George Lincoln Rockwell warrants laughing out loud humor. For example, when a news reporter asks how many American Jews are traitors, Rockwell responds with something along the lines of, “my guess with no type of scientific evidence to back it up is that 80% of Jews are traitors and will have to be gassed.” Aside from Rockwell, most of the other people in Blood in the Face make me want to vomit. Unfortunately, the boyish looking and extremely nice David Duke is only featured in Blood in the Face for a minute or two. I assume this is because he is one of the few legitimate and successful of pro-white politicians who had the good common sense to take off the Ku Klux Klown mask and put on a suave suit.

Excerpt of George Lincoln Rockwell in Blood in the Face

Many of the geniuses featured in Blood in the Face are huge fans of Jew Jesus Christ. All these supposed anti-Semites consider the greatest man ever to live to be megalomaniac Jew Jesus. A fellow named Pastor Butler brings out a crucifix with a swastika on it. The title of the documentary “Blood in the Face” also comes from Adam in the bible who showed his big red cheeks. One of the Christian Neo-Nazis also brings up how only the humble white man can show red in the cheeks. The real Nazis, although presenting themselves as Christians of sorts, were for the most part hostile to Christianity. Nazi philosopher Alfred “Rosenberg” promoted “positive” Christianity in his philosophical masterpiece The Myth of the Twentieth Century. About a ¼ of the book is dedicated to promoting the Anti-Christ philosophies of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The Neo-Nazis in Blood in the Face would obviously never make it anywhere with their beliefs as they have the slave mentality of Christianity.

Is this gnome a future white leader and white revolutionary?

Blood in the Face
is a depressing documentary for any people that care about white culture. The only chance of any type of “white revolution” is if whites are finally backed into a corner far enough that they are forced into fighting. There are surely many more Michael Moores (who is surprisingly slimmer in the documentary) than there are “pro-white” activists. Any white person that watches Blood in the Face will no doubt have blood in their face showing out of embarrassment after watching it. At the very least, the viewer will have blood in the face from laughter.

-Ty E

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thanks for reveiwing this film, as always the reveiw itself was absolutely superb, theres no question that this is one of the best film reveiw sites on the web, but it would be even better if you could have pictures of naked little girls accompanying each reveiw, how about "HEATHER O`ROURKE". By the way, you could see that michael moore really fancied that hot nazi bitch when he was interveiwing her.