Mar 9, 2009

Bad Biology

Finally, a twist on fated star-crossed lovers for the avant-punk film fan. As undoubtedly indebted to the likes of Tsukamoto and Cronenberg as other aspiring body-horror provisioner's,
Bad Biology
takes and bakes its own cake with genetic genital terrors that conform the word "mutant" is something normal by comparison to its own ill deeds. It's no wonder this film is directed by Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case, Brain Damage, and Frankenhooker.) Only a brief excursion into his cerebral workings could produce such a tasteless comedy birthed from slime and decadence. After witnessing dismal contenders for both horror/comedy and "vagina dentata" features, Bad Biology vacuum seals itself and all seven clits in a league of its own.

Womanhood is tough business. Hormones arise early causing multiple orgasms at the dinner table. Totally lame and inconvenient, eh? Then there's that business with bearing mutant feti shortly after sex. Wait, what? Allow me to relay origins. Jennifer is a photographer vouching feminist ideals and was plagued with seven clitorises upon birth. The inner workings are fleshy piston-like tumors that seem crazy enough to be a wacky treat from Japan. Worst of all, they increase sexual metabolism to the point that she blabbers lines as "I need a dick like a junkie needs a fix." Then we meet Batz. He's in possession of a drug-addicted sentient monster cock. Knowing what you know now, Where else could this story take you other than a malformed version of pleasurable hell?

Bad Biology is essentially a genetic conundrum of biological anomalies related to a grotesque tale that flows freely and insecurely, creating a strand of almost-pornographic images relative to the sick thoughts harvesting in everyones mind. Frank Henenlotter weaves an urban approach to body horror; a move never done before with such a pseudo-Cronenberg approach. By casting Jedi Mind Tricks and Wu-Tang affiliates, Henenlotter has sealed a fan with mAQ (shameless 3rd person approach.) Even the world of art isn't given immunity from the scornful and cynical eye of Bad Biology.

Soon a caricature of feminist "expression" is created painstakingly only to be ritualistically lampooned on camera. In a photo shoot of rappers kissing women with vagina masks, all the sensible ones find the blurring of sexuality and art to be completely divided and the result to be crude pornography. The assertion is true and the teaser for the upcoming The Ugly Truth displays just as much "oppression" on the female kind as this graphic display of gender bending does but less contrived. Only Jennifer could see what she called art. When revealed to her representative, his reply more or less bordered the equal result of calling her retarded - "Vagina faces. Are you serious?" If there ever was a rainstorm in a day of feminist art, this would be the Hurricane Katrina.

As it is, Bad Biology is an uncommonly crafted vision of sexuality transgressed normal comprehension - or whatever normal really is. For the benefit of us, the viewers, the effect is cleverly realized with concise pleasure traps and gadgets. An anti-communal picture, Bad Biology might scare away a crowd with rapid, audacious glimpses of a mutant species of humanity; one natural and the other unnatural. For females, I can see where it would be easy to be offended. With all the infant abandonment and ridicule braved by the slutty Jennifer, I'd be pretty down on spirits too. The reaction on the male spectrum had me rooting Batz to "whip it out" every few seconds and rape a certain whorish teenage girl talking about how much she craves cock. Sorry to say but watching a feminist trash a baby scene after scene identifies the very concern of politically incorrect anecdotes [loosely.] Then again, there is that art student who painted with abortions (or something.) This experiment is what the second half of Hollow Man aspired to be - sexually speaking of course. This one comes highly recommended. Could pass as a contemporary John Waters directed Science fiction epic.



thebonebreaker said...

I've been waiting for Netflix to add this one to their system. . .

Great Review mAQ!

Fox said...

Holy crap! How did you guys get your hands on this film??? I've been wanting to see it. TELL TELL!

John Carpenter said...

Speaking of viral infections, what about the one thats been cursing and plaging the world of films for the last 129 years since the invention of the cinematograph circa 1889. Thats guessed it...first time...i speak of course of that loathsome and odious abomination laughingly known as the British film industry, if that virus could somehow be completely eradicated we`d have a perfect world literally with-in a few weeks ! ! !.