Feb 24, 2009

Why is Hollywood "Obsessed" with Garbage?

The Hollywood film industry has never been interested in art. They only seem to be interested in social subversion, agitation, blatant degeneracy, arrogant parodies and of course one cannot forget profits. Hollywood has also convinced white girls that it's okay to be a dirty whore and partake in recreational miscegenation. Elia Kazan’s film Splendor in the Grass (1961) taught teens that if they do not have sex before marriage then they may go insane. Now Hollywood is teaching us that blond haired Aryan women are very “obsessed” with black men.

Hollywood’s latest assault on Americans of Europe descent is a piece of filth called Obsessed. In this cinematic shitfest, not only is the deranged white bitch obsessed with a Negro but she puts his life and family in jeopardy. Funny, have any of the clowns that work in Hollywood actually looked at the yearly statistics of black men raping white women? You can be sure that you will never see a film about grotesque and obese Jewish bull dykes that stalk little blond girls. You can also be sure to never see a film about the typical local Negro that targets college freshman for rape yet somehow the worthless multicultural "cops" can never arrest this bestial thug.

Yes, Hollywood is obsessed with its hatred of Western civilization. Hollywood is run by cowardly weaklings who have serious “mommy” issues. The only subjects that Hollywood can treat seriously is the so called holocaust and “minorities” overcoming evil prejudices. It is sad that white America is stupid enough to eat up this sentimental garbage that even the Hollywood producers doubtfully take seriously. If a white woman were to be become criminally obsessed with a black man hopefully she will be blessed with AIDS.

After watching the trailer for Obsessed, I really wonder if the world is coming to an end. Seriously, how can a society that takes pleasure in watching such garbage ever expect to survive the next century (or next couple of decades)? Had a film like Obsessed been released a hundred years ago, you can be guaranteed that all those “talented” people working in Hollywood would be hanging from telephone poles all across Sunset Boulevard. White America has just become too degenerate, valueless, cultureless, and apathetic to care about the blatant anti-white sentiment behind films like Obsessed.

A truly beautiful couple with a long future ahead of them

On second thought, maybe white women are becoming dangerous for black men. I am sure everyone has noticed the rise in mulatto children in public over the past couple years. Will whorish white women be responsible for the extermination of the true 100% black race via miscegenation? Are white women conspiring a “silent holocaust” for the black male “victims” of America? I doubt it.

-Ty E


Unknown said...

I saw this trailer when I saw Friday the 13th last week. It looks like shit and yes, Hollywood is definitely obsessed with shit. I think Hollywood should get rid of everyone and open the doors for independent directors.

Fox said...

This would be a good movie to do an audience experiment with the way you did with Friday the 13th. The female cheering when Beyonce goes crazy will probably rock off the charts.

In terms of "values", what does it say about Hollywood when they spend more time promoting a movie like Obsessed than a movie like Akeelah and the Bee? Or, what does it say about Hollywood when the value-rich, black American films of Tyler Perry get ingnore by critics again and again despite the fact that they resonate with a huge audience? Perhaps Perry's movies are mediocre (yet, I've liked two of the three I've seen) but there would never be a push for one of his films the way there is with Obsessed.

The Dirty Complotist Jew said...

It is true Hollywood long uses to methodically wreck the traditionnal set of values.

We prepare this way the masses( the cattle )to accept the massonic values of the One World Governement ( and bye the way we screw your white chicsas and transform them into whores )

But hey! what can you goys do against it?! nothing! :)

Bye my little goys! shalom!

Anonymous said...

Kikes are so ugly and genetically weak, that the only way for them to feel good about themselves is by advocating that the beautiful race (whites) get bred out or bred into a mirror image of the disgusting, insane, diseased filth that comprise the races which embrace Judaism.