Feb 3, 2009

Tokyo Gore Police

I heard of this film quite some months ago on Twitchfilm. The premise sounded interesting aided only by the blatant tell-all title. Walking into this film, I should have guessed exactly what was in store for me but being a hopeful bastard, I expected more than I bargained for. Tokyo Gore Police is the absurd, reality-smashing film you'd come to expect but the almost-dystopian atmosphere is squandered for insanely over-the-top horseplay with prosthetics. Like Cyborg and many genre films before it, the adaptive environment for metropolitan dynamics are destroyed. The only thing futuristic in this film are the actor's costumes, set pieces, and anything within direct contact. Other than that, prepare to stare at boring buildings and unsettling normalities.

Metaphysical horror has been turned absurd and sardonic in light of Japanese films. Meatball Machine and co. have been befouling a genre enforced by flesh-auteurs such as David Cronenberg and Shinya Tsukamoto. What was once lingering on the border of eroticism and grotesque fetishes has been replaced with a new-age organic Voltron experience. A paper-thin revenge plot with the average "How could you?" betrayal plot makes a transparent depth for them film. Films like Black Devil Doll that come out and admit their purpose of relentless nudity and copious amounts of vulgarity are a brave brand of cinema that don't beat around the bush. Much as my writing splurges are aided by coffee and alcohol, Tokyo Gore Police is only propelled by inane proportions of dismemberment's and exaggerative blood flow. Don't believe me? Watch the trailer included on the Tokyo Shock DVD release. You will watch close to 5 minutes of non-stop violence. This in fact is the shortened version of the film, the only thing really worth watching.

Body explosions and redefining the term "overkill" is the sole mission of TGP. The extreme sadism behind the Japanese is always cleverly hid behind a gruesome comedy. Like Bill O'Reilly mentioning Hitler to Michael Moore, this is a cheap shot gag leaving you speechless. The sadism behind the Japanese isn't anything to really laugh at. Genetics have a horrible way of biting you in the ass. For a better display of Asian tortures, mentally and physically, check out Sion Sono's masterpiece Strange Circus. After Meatball Machine mimicked Tetsuo: The Iron Man, a race became evident as each next prosperous copies the idea before that and loses track of the predestined trail, much like the butchering of Bergman's classic The Virgin Spring. After several remakes, the film's idea has been reduced to torture porn as seen in the new Last House on the Left remake trailer. Must I mention the "microwave Saw trap"?

Still though, with all the errors on part and the copycat effect, Tokyo Gore Police is not without its nihilistic fun. You will see cleverly positioned quad-amputee's on katana blades as stilts, later removed and attached with assault rifles in an attempt to mimic yet another body horror staple as shown in Rodriguez's Planet Terror. If you're eying a vivid foreign blood soaked tale of something strictly brainless and child-like in birth, Tokyo Gore Police should not fail. While only able to be recommended so far, keep in mind that the ridiculousness captured on film looks unlike most things encountered before. That is, until you witness the bore of a present day city with no mind to capture in a beautiful light. The lack of the director's compassion for film is disturbing to say the least.

Tokyo Gore Police is a bastard film accountable for every instance of treason available. Stealing from Planet Terror, Meatball Machine, The Machine Girl, Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Uzumaki, Party Monster and the Club Kids, Training Day and Max Payne (mentor gone wrong cop-out), and mannnyyy other films. The resume is extensive and Tokyo Gore Police owes a thanks to everything that it has stolen from. Anything well-received is sewn into the running time of Tokyo Gore Police and for this it becomes an insta-cult film. Needless to say, Tokyo Gore Police is not so much a film but rather a gag reel compiled by apes. This film doesn't take itself seriously so why should you?



Johnny said...

Cannot wait to see this movie. Almost all the faults you pointed out are the things that make me want to see it, quite frankly!

Anonymous said...

do you know who created modern japan?..."J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER" thats who!!!.