Jan 7, 2009

Vin Diesel: Mongrel "Action" Hero

Every year Hollywood gets more and more degenerate. Obviously, Hollywood has to keep up with the lowest common denominator individuals that they have produced over many decades. Nothing is better for a large collective of cattle than a good stupid laugh, cheap sex, glamorized crime, “bad ass” special effects, and the triumph of “the little guy.” A lot of Americans (and people abroad) get their ideas of what is “cool”, trendy, and to be strived for by watching the latest film churned out of the little hell known as Hollywoodland. One trend I couldn’t help but notice in the recent years is the MONGRELIZATION of Hollywood stars.

The NEW face of America?

I recently saw a putrid and unbelievably mind numbing piece of visual diarrhea of a film called Babylon A.D. directed by hack Mathieu Kassovitz. I must admit that I have never seen a film starring the new action film star Vin Diesel. After seeing the piece of filth known as Babylon A.D., I can say that he is one of the ugliest and most unappealing actors to ever “grace” the movie screen. I can only see Vin Diesel as an action “hero” appealing to criminals locked up in county prison. Vin Diesel is truly a man that only an alcoholic stepmother could love.

What happened to the Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone's? I know these two men got old, but I am sure someone more appealing than Vin Diesel can replace them. Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone are guys that you can be “proud to be American” by watching them. Willis is the German-American hero that kicks real kraut ass in Die Hard. Sylvester Stallone is the Italian-American hero that turned slightly deranged by having too many tours of Vietnam. Vin Diesel has a name that sounds like some cheap third world sports car. Hollywood may want America to turn into a nation of criminal mongrels, but Vin Diesel will never be a true action hero.

Vin Diesel is a fellow mixed of “black and Italian” with a bunch of other ambiguous pedigrees. He is obviously a poster boy for the new world order. A cultureless world of internationalism and nihilistic hedonism. Vin Diesel’s character in Babylon A.D. lacks any real virtue or values. He just sports a bunch of tacky looking “hard” tattoos and has the stoicism of an ape. Young boys and men should look up like to someone like Vin Diesel and produce bad ass mongrel children that know how to obtain exotic Aryan women from Russia.

I get disgusted by most action films and other related garbage that “explodes” out Hollywood’s Luciferian vaults every week. Obviously, most of the time I choose not to watch these films. I seek films out of interest and try to ensure that I have at least somewhat pleasant cinema viewing experience. Every once in a while I will watch a film like Babylon A.D. and realize that Hollywood really does get dumber and more degenerate with every passing day. Vin Diesel is not a hero, but the ideal slavish brute that minister of international propaganda Rupert Murdoch hopes will one day inhabit the earth in vast numbers. Vin Diesel looks like the poster boy for a new soldier barbarian for a new technological dark age.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

"Vin Diesel is truly a man that only an alcoholic stepmother could love."

...i think i love you.

Anonymous said...

I agree, best quote from SS

Unknown said...

That is definitely the funniest quote I've ever read

Anonymous said...

Another great article. Would you ever want to be a guest reviewer for Trash Cinema? My readers would love your stuff. and yes it was a shit year for action movies, no doubt.

Fox said...


Wow... you were absolutely unleashed in this post. Hilarious!

P.S. I actually like Vin Diesel, but that's why I love you guys b/c this is a place where divergent opinions can hang out together.

GolluM said...

So...jealous he is more famous than you?

Well, you do know, that this is all marketing, right?
Writing good things never attracts people...flaming does