Jan 13, 2009

The Tracey Fragments

As mentioned in the earlier The Dead Girl review, recent indie (I'm tired of quoting it. By now you should know my stance) films have a habit of residing next to genre pieces and stealing many of the viewers with an updated feel and stars. This risky move squanders most artistry and poetic themes that were so bold in the original. This is definitely the case with The Tracey Fragments. I can't put my finger to it but during the rotation of the film's events, I found a feeling that felt ripped right from Julien Donkey-Boy.

The only time Ellen Page has ever been attractive.

Following a speculative form of art appreciated in some corner of the glob (at least), The Tracey Fragments incorporates a non-linear plot device of mixing up scenes using planned esotericism to make us think. God forbid, even if a film makes us "think" about a canine in reverse chronology, it's considered "Art". The comic book panorama styling is used in a fashion to try and give deeper meaning to the little things such as the type of shoes a person is wearing or body gestures. This thoughtful gesture to fans of detail gives us nothing other than a space hog for our glorified screen width. You will find yourself focusing on one panel and ignoring the others which brings the question - Why bother?

Stealing the motif of the turtle child in Julien Donkey-Boy, Ellen Page hypnotizes (Ooooh. So independent using hypnosis) her little brother into think she's a dog. He turns up missing before a severe blizzard wipes out the town (ala Nói) . His disappearance you later find out is fault of her own. I merely bring this up as this is one of the many film I've seen recently labeling the disastrous results that follow as blamed on a naive female. Taking her emotional problems and false securities, she travels in a quest to find her brother. With her imagination perusing through memories of her "boyfriend" Billy Zero - a Robert Smith look-a-like douche bag, this film has everything that could possibly make you hate the counterculture surrounding liberal hipsters and the like.

The Tracey Fragments is a film directed by a director whose main specialty is directing television episodes. For a film about a self-loathing female who for the most part is insane, The Tracey Fragments is a stand alone film. It features prominent ideas and theories towards film making. Although the film is lavish with emotions and ground breaking techniques, I felt this film was more of a bastardized spawn of Julien Donkey-Boy. I can't exactly point out which aesthetic the film borrows but a similar imminent doom atmosphere is presented whilst parading around Ellen Page in a shower curtain.

Honestly, it's not that expressive.

At first I thought that I was so cynical towards this film thanks to my aversion of the demographic. Then I remembered that this film is a remake of a remake of another theme, but to be fair, this film has its merits with unspeakable emotions. As you can tell, my feelings are extremely mixed. In one hand we have an intelligent drama with many unspeakable things and on the other hand we have a childish film endeavor with little girls saying "friggin" and "gabillioncatrillion".



Fox said...

The only time Ellen Page has ever been attractive.

Y'all are killing me today!!!

jervaise brooke hamster said...

i want to bugger ellen page.

willy jerk-off said...

With regards to jervaise`s comment its scary to realise that at 22 (which means she was barely a year old when heather snuffed it) ellen page is, strickly speaking, already 4 years past the absolute pinnacle and peak of her physical attractiveness and desirability although i`d still love to bugger her as well, i just wish the bird was 18 instead of 22.