Jan 25, 2009

The Tenants

The Tenants is a film about a Jewish writer named Harry Lesser who befriends a black militant writer named Willie Spearmint (Snoop Dogg) that is squatting in the same apartment building he lives in. Despite being sub-literate, Willie believes that his writing is revolutionary with its messages of killing white people. I guess he knows the audience he is targeting. The stoic (does one exist?) Jew Harry Lesser does everything he can to kiss Willie's ass for no apparent reason. Willie has a “white” Jewish bitch for a girlfriend that Harry starts falling in love. One can only expect violence with a disgustingly bizarre love triangle between writers as diverse as these.

Apparently, The Tenants has offended the racially sensitive citizens of the United States and only played at one theater in the entire country. I am not surprised as The Tenants lacks any type of happy and sentimentalist civil rights message that you can expect from films of this "progressive" generation. The “struggle” in the film is only between egos and “racially diverse” characters. As can be expected, the Jewish Harry Lesser is a “victim” of irrational black gentile anti-Semitism. Willie is a criminal who has served time and lives off the fruits of his Jewish “bitch” girlfriend. Despite hating whites and promoting black power idealism, he believe its okay to have a relationship with a white girl. In fact, if it wasn’t for the white girl, this black power revolutionary would be begging for pennies on a curb in some shithole ghetto.

The Tenants
lets the viewer know in a symbolic manner that if it wasn't for the Jewish community, the black civil rights movement would have never gone anywhere. It doesn’t take much historical background research to find out that the NAACP was far from a black organization. For example, Jacob Schiff, the Wall street banker who also funded the Bolshevik revolution, funded the NAACP. Schiff also worked with his buddies Jacob Billikopf and the infamous Zionist Rabbi Stephen Wise to get the NAACP moving. To put it simply, the NAACP was never really an organization interested in true black interests. After stealing Willie Spearmint’s girl in The Tenants, it is clear that the arrogant Harry Lesser wasn’t really looking to help Spearmint’s black power writing to get off the ground. Despite having an extremely low IQ, Willie Spearmint can see through the weak front that is Harry Lesser.

Throughout The Tenants Harry Lesser seems to get off on a masochistic ride of being verbally abused and threatened by Willie Spearmint. These scenes of a black man dominating a “white” man are so typical of Hollywood nowadays that it's a surprise that some “redneck” hasn’t assassinated any Hollywood producers like the Silent Brotherhood assassinated the belligerent Jewish radio talk show host Alan Berg (who Oliver Stone later made a movie about Talk Radio). Despite being a criminal and wearing a jungle gear wardrobe, Willie is more respectable than little bitch Lesser. When Willie eventually destroys Lesser’s probably less than interesting book, I couldn’t help but giggle.

The Tenants
is a very flawed and somewhat small budget film that is at the very least watchable. Upon first viewing the film, I expected another race friendly Jew-lifts-black-man-off-ground-and-gives-him-power film that so typical of Hollywood. In the end, The Tenants has a nihilistic message that obviously must be upsetting to many white liberals. The dreams of a multicultural utopian society takes an ax to the stomach in The Tenants. Steven Spielberg directed The Color Purple and Amistad to give “power” to the black people but he is just another Harry Lesser.

-Ty E

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