Jan 23, 2009


Imagine, if you will, an angry German man in a tie running through a complex room structure that summarizes as an almost circular pattern. Now add fury in his step and incapacitated females in every room. To finalize this scene, precipitate this furious man beating all of these women with an empty soda bottle given a forced sound effect of glass "clinking". What you have is one of the most misogynistic films of all time and a completely hilarious work of underground German splatter. This magnificent film is titled Ostermontag and the title is is the dividing of bone and the removal of a deformity. This deformity is woman kind and through Flipper's eyes, is the biggest parasite to society.

Ostermontag is yet another film from Heiko Flipper. His other film, Das Komabrutale Duell, may sound incredibly familiar after a recent release from Unearthed Films. Das Komabrutale Duell marks the second release in the German Splatter series following the tedious and tepid Hunting Creatures. It seems Unearthed Films is definitely saving the best for last. Ostermontag is in no way a fashionable exercise of quality film making, but the effects are horrendous and the humor is unintentional and misplaced so the overall experience is something to gain from. I can see Heiko Flipper being a closet homosexual blaming females for their wrong-doings. If only he could channel his hatred into a stronger attempt at creating an commendable medium.

Gorehounds can find something to squeal about. Spanning from horrific effects such as a scene in which a head is comically smashed to a scene including a man taping a knife to his groin. As you form a mental image, allow me to haze your mentality by forcing the image to take a horrific turn as the evil German rapes a female from behind with his blade-dick. You might wonder which orifice he is penetrating. I can honestly say that the bridge between both has been severed and collapsed into a deep chasm of stringy flesh and blood flow of all putrid degrees. Of course it doesn't show this as this is considered "low budget" but it is a step above implied violence and effective in what it does.

The plot follows as such and this wouldn't be known cause the film lacks subtitles currently. "Heiko is in love with his stepsister Fabiane, but Fabiane is not in love with Heiko. Therefore, she sends her twin sister Nicole to visit Heiko. One day Heiko decides to stop this stupid game by killing Nicole. But he makes a terrible mistake - Instead of Nicole, he kills Fabiane! Some years later Heiko has his sights set on Nicole for revenge…incredible and brutal violence starts" Execution is a must and this film has none of that. Named after the character himself, Heiko films his undeniable exorcism of woman-hating genes in the form of a laughably-bad splatter film. Ostermontag is simply a look at the deteriorating infrastructure of a low budget film maker indeed.

Posed as a snuff film, nothing actually makes sense with that genre implication. There's no one behind the camera and only a small amount of scenes actually indicate an idea of snuff as Heiko shows his victim tapes of him torturing females. Ostermontag owes it to the incredibly bad production values for the maligned humor behind the film. Is it dark and brutal? Sure, but only as dark and brutal as smashing a balloon filled with V8 would be. This is a must-see for fans of both gore and extremely awful splatter films. I must admit this film is leagues ahead of most of German splatter. I also applaud the comedic misogyny that views anyone that has used an Easy-Bake oven as a child as an enemy of man. Plain and simple, Ostermontag is pure insanity.


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Anonymous said...

"closet homosexual""comedic misogyny" Wow!
But I was interested in this movie.
Your the movie review is great!