Jan 9, 2009


Alfred Hitchcock is a director that I grow to appreciate more and more as the years go by. I am more often sickened by a new big special effects film than I am “wowed” by it. I wouldn’t say that I am a fan of cinema that is obsessed with “minimalist” films, but I am certainly someone that can appreciate a film more for the thought put into it than the money. Alfred Hitchcock is someone I value as a director because he is a master of psychology, suspense, mystery, and all those other wonderful things that people give him credit for. I recently saw Hitchcock’s film Marnie and I must say that I was impressed.

Anyone that has ever been to Baltimore city knows it’s a shithole that probably should have been demolished about a century ago when it pretty much stopped developing. What better place for a deranged clepto girl to grow up than the city of piss tasting natty boh beer and rednecks that live in the city? The character Marnie from the film Marnie obviously had a bad childhood. In Hitchcock’s brilliant film, you see how Marnie got to be the warped female criminal that she is. Although she doesn’t fancy ladies like most female criminals, Marnie also can’t stand the intimate touch of a man. Only a young Sean Connery is of any hope of awakening this sexually depraved female.

Align CenterMarnie is not as big of a film of old Hitchcock’s as say Psycho, Birds, or North by Northwest. That being said, I believe Marnie to be one of Hitchcock’s most underrated. Although the film has some slow parts, in it’s entirety it works especially well. Marnie also may have the greatest conclusion for an Alfred Hitchcock film. The fact that a film such as this could have a PG rating shows Hitchcock’s genius ability of giving the audience more by showing nothing. I am not surprised that Alfred Hitchcock suffered from obesity as he spent all his time using his mind and thinking how to manipulate others.

I have yet to see all of Alfred Hitchcock’s films and I don’t plan to. Nothing is more depressing than seeing a directors later works when their minds and soul start to decline. I wouldn’t be surprised and I am willing to be that Marnie was Hitchcock’s last great film. Although Marnie may have some silly special effects and montages (ex. Marnie’s spill off her horse), the film puts to shame what contemporary Hollywood calls “psychological thrillers".

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

i love tippi hedren.

Anonymous said...

Check out "Frenzy" (1972). Underrated.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

i want to bugger tippi hedren (as she was in 1948 when she was 18, not as she is now obviously).