Jan 13, 2009

Gary's Touch

Who's to say my mind isn't twisted? Gary's a relating character...relatively speaking. I used to have questions towards insemination and female restrooms and I don't blame adolescence for such a bizarre inquest. Gary's Touch is a rather...quirky examination of a disturbed psyche. Where to say the film goes, no one really knows. But what is known is that Tom McSorley's quote reading "some of the most awkward and decidedly twisted sex in all of Canadian cinema." is entirely accurate. Gary's Touch not only touched me in naughty places, but also disgusted me.

The obsession of procreating himself is lent effectiveness by Gary's brutish primitive facial features. The most noticeable of all is his protruding caveman lower facial area. I'm not too keen on medical terminologies but needless to say and easy to point out is that his "snout" is sickening. Add Madonna to the mix, an Asian (?) retarded old street lady, and what you got is glorious sexual gold although tipping the scale on absurdities, disgusting uses of ejaculation, and down right uncomfortable scenes of subterranean sex.

After the short film is over, you will be tainted with the cinema equivalent with filth. I can't recall a short film other than Douglas Buck's Trilogy of America that made me feel the immediate need to bathe, hoping that the scalding water would wash the sin from my eyes. Gary's Touch is also the first film in a long while that almost made me regurgitate whatever delicacies I had dined upon earlier, I cannot recall. Upon the indulging on defrosted lump semen, Gary's cock finally reaches erection status so he may fuck her but no, he presses on to fulfill his wildest urges with his own discharge.

Gary's Touch isn't powerful by any means, just crude and vulgar. It speaks a language that of which fetishists speak of. Who's to judge a fetish anyways? I've encountered the weird of the weird such as people who get off by zipper trouble and tickling. Procreation is definitely not as obscure as others I've seen but none of which have been presented in such an artful manner as this. This film makes Canadian culture seem a tad more standstill on terms with other cultures. After I saw this film, I felt disgusted, violated, and changed. Gary's Touch is certainly not for the light-hearted and upon further studies, I can't really judge who this film would be for. An overall twisted experience, this film comes highly recommended regardless. Gary's Touch gets the SS stamp of approval.


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