Jan 13, 2009

The Dead Girl

The Dead Girl is another "indie" drama that I've recently seen. Where else to go but in the led direction? With this review, I will also delve into yet another "indie" film staring the genre darling Ellen Page, The Tracey Fragments. The Dead Girl managed to take the same aesthetic that 11:14 had acquired through vigorous character tales that had interwoven to create a very linear plot that had ended with fantastical results. In my area of cinematic expertise, 11:14 reigns as the superior film but The Dead Girl doesn't leave without a fight.

To begin, allow me to state the obvious on Brittany Murphy's career. We can all agree that she is a stunning, stunning woman. But the scintillating revelation unveils itself as the persona of the character that indeed harnesses the energy of her attraction. Brittany Murphy would be nothing with her portrayal of junkies, hookers & other beasties that prowl the night streets in search of money, security, and a seedy sexual environment. This is her fate in The Dead Girl all in fact that she is the dead girl of which the title speaks. Her role is one littered with deeply affecting tragedy. The one thing I can't shake my mind from is how these new-wave "indie" dramas with their esteemed recycled actors steal so much from an existing film that is so much better than the uninspired reimagined film at hand.

Several characters explore an odyssey of many virtues that all systematically revolve around a "dead girl". There's the sister, the wife, the stranger, the mother, and the dead girl. Each narrative fleshes out related characters and the "small world" we live in. If anything, The Dead Girl is thought-provoking on a level that causes me to stop and ponder thoughts reenacting possible fates for everyone that I've interacted with recently. While The Dead Girl is an overused and overexploited mosaic narrative, the ideas are fresh and cunning which boosts it from rental fodder to a film that is worthy to own.

11:14 is a film that can be called a dark comedy when terms become placed freely. Although the film does feature sparse drama, the collective piece is generally kooky and a case inimitable fun. The Dead Girl, on the other hand, is a collective of narrative tragedies. Plot holes are left in purposely to pose a threat of anonymity to the film. It works to a degree but upon second guessing, It becomes annoying to leave fates unexplained. The Dead Girl is one of the perfected recipes of character-woven films. From Giovanni Ribisi to Josh Brolin, The Dead Girl is all star talent packed with a stellar script. I highly recommend this over bull shit like Juno, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, and other Wes Anderson films save for Rushmore and The Life Aquatic.



jervaise brooke hamster said...

Have you noticed how Brittany Murphys looks have deteriorated appallingly over the last few years, i mean shes just coming up for 32 but she looks closer to 50 already, remember how stunningly gorgeous she was just a few years ago. Personally i would have loved to have buggered her on the 10th of november 1995 (her 18th birthday) and unloaded a massive wad of spunk up her lushious young arse.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I told you she was looking dodgy and now shes snuffed it, its really fucking strange.