Jan 5, 2009


"The muscles from Brussels" is indeed one of my favorite action stars. His action isn't exaggerated or falsified. In a time where action moguls (Tony Jaa, whom I love) rip the screen with unprecedented acrobatics, Van Damme was still printing enjoyable film after enjoyable film with insane plots and ridiculous dialogue that led to another fight scene, each better than the last. Cyborg is a film that markets the term "Cyborg" with the face of a battered Van Damme. For those who've seen this film, we all know that this film has very little to do with a Cyborg.

Gibson Rickenbacker is a hired martial-artist/bodyguard that is seeking vengeance on a dread locked gang leader of a group called "Pirates". His quest will lead him to saving the life (er...) of a Cyborg carrying the cure of the plague that has destroyed most of humanity. Most of the humanitarian aspect of this film has been sacrificed for gun fights and high jump kicks. Where they could have taken the escort mission far, the plot is squandered for cheap thrills, but they do satisfy.

Director Albert Pyun had been busy directing both Spiderman and Masters of the Universe 2. When the copyrights to both Mattel and Marvel became void, the recycled sets and such became home to a script dubbed Cyborg. The rest is history. Well, as historical as a less-than-memorable science fiction/action film can get. The enchanting asset to Cyborg is how young Van Damme looked at the end of the 80s. After watching Cyborg, It dawned to me just how well he would have fit into a role as Peter Pan. He might have even brought unspeakable entertainment to such film.

Cyborg is by no means the definition or even the guideline of a classic. The action is indeed well filmed but the "good overpowers all" cycle is easily tiring. In fact, I couldn't recommend this film for anything other than Van Damme kicking dirty people repeatedly in the face. The Dystopian genre has been plagued, not from a mysterious illness, but from shoddy film making that is cleverly hidden so that the recycled plot/script isn't too noticeable to the fans of both Jean-Claude and fans of post-apocalyptic scenarios.


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