Jan 3, 2009


What inspires a man to kill?
Is it a right of passage?
Does it make a “man” of a man to kill a man?
What about killing a woman?
Why kill something beautiful and innocent?
Why kill something you swoon over?

Japanese cannibal Issei Sagawa killed and ate a young woman that he was obsessed with. While studying in France, he met a young Dutch girl. The short and Asian Issei Sagawa had a questionable obsession with this tall Aryan woman. Apparently, Sagawa has described himself as a "weak, ugly and small man." It is obvious that a man that would describe himself in such a manner lacks the confidence to obtain a beautiful European woman. Instead, Issei decided that killing and eating the object of his lustful desire would be the only way of obtaining an intimate moment with the unfortunate lady.

The Body of Sagawa's victim

Belgian experimental director Olivier Smolders directed a powerful short film about Issei Sagawa and his victim. The beautiful 1987 short Adoration features scenes of black and white brutality worthy of a certain degree of “adoration.” Director Olivier Smolders added a couple fictional elements to give the short a more “poetic” feel. The young women featured in Adoration is even shot during the reciting of poetry. Sagawa wastes no time dissembling the young woman’s limbs and putting them to his mouth so that he can “absorb her energy.”

With Adoration, Olivier Smolders accomplished creating a film that combines both depravity and an unsettling calmness. Adoration is not a glamorized look at murder and sexual gratification, but a view into the life of a pathetically perverted individual. Issei Sagawa fainted after cowardly shooting his victim in the back of the neck. After regaining consciousness, Issei raped her dead body and then proceeded to eat the flesh off of the victim's hips. Nowadays, Issei Sagawa is living the life of a “minor celebrity” in Tokyo, Japan. He writes restaurant reviews, acts in films, and is a published author.

-Ty E

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

mmm...more of the handywork of a certain "J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER", dont get me wrong, i`m glad that america won the war (extremely glad) its just that sometimes i wonder what we`ve created in modern japan over the last 64 years, perhaps an ocean of bizarre surrealism and unfathomable, unclassifiable nonsense that is totally impossible to catorgorize, although ironically, having said that, japanese society since the war is still infinitely better than the hideousness that existed there for thousands of years up until 1945 so maybe modern japan is just the lesser of the two evils.