Dec 27, 2008

Zorn's Lemma

I hadn't updated myself on the consistency of this avant-garde/experimental piece from one of Peter Greenaway's favorite auteurs - Hollis Frampton. I went in a complete virgin to the ideas and anti-synopsis that Zorn's Lemma embraces, or even Hollis Frampton for that matter. The curious title of Zorn's Lemma is the equivalent of the Axiom of Choice. You've heard of the musical genre Math Rock, now witness cinema propelled by the theory of mathematics.

A fan base for this type of material is certainly hard to find. Many viewers will get bored, tired, irritated, and irrational after a small time dealing with Zorn's Lemma. This is a prime example of one of the harder films to get through. I'd personally like to view Frampton's Lemon. I've heard of the techniques he dabbles in, such as dissecting light. Once your eyes and mind adjust to the creeping attack of structured mathematics, you will become accustomed to this. Perhaps, you can open your mind up enough to allow films like this and La Jetée to convince you that a slide show effort isn't fruitless.

Hollis Frampton conjures up a sixty minute slide show scored from static and weird glitch blips. Billboards and signs continuously make up a very clockwork alphabet. The pattern soon drills in your brain, absorbing the boredom you may have acquired like a sponge. Pretty soon, your motor skills will eventually cease and a form of a hypnotizing trance will take hold. At least, that's what happened to me. Zorn's Lemma is an experience that is unrivaled. With no stars, no narrative, and no sound, this is a film that is unequivocally one of a kind.


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