Dec 5, 2008

Wings of Desire

It has been several years since I watched Wings of Desire, and my thoughts on the film have changed a little. Over the past few years I have read some of director Wim Wenders writings and I must say that he's quite the annoying little turd. Wenders seems like the German equivalent to a girly mouthed leftist American “filmmaker” like Michael Moore. Only, Wenders actually has artistic talent and sometimes something real to say. Wim Wenders seems to get “hung up” when his politics get intertwined with his artistry.

Wings of Desire features a bunch of scenes in which Wim Wenders attempts to atone for the Nazi sins of the holocaust. One scene features an old German Jew recollecting on how Germans went from loving to hating him during the rise of Nazism in Deutschland. Wim Wenders also cuts in stock footage of evil Nazis and Germany in ruins. Last time I checked, the allies terror bombed the hell out of Germany, turning it into rumble. Wasn’t that enough atonement for little Wim?

Photograph of a typical German citizen during
World War II

Wim Wenders shows his love for God’s chosen by casting Peter Falk as himself. In Wings of Desire, Falk is shooting what one can expect to be another holocaust classic. On the film set of this “film within the Wings of Desire film,” a new generation of Germans proudly wear Nazi regalia. One German young man even thinks to himself how cool the Nazi uniform is that he's wearing. I can only assume that Wim Wenders feels that Aryans don’t have enough remorse for the sin perpetrated by their grandpappies. As can be expected, the neo ghetto Jews look miserable yet innocent. Wenders wants Germany to know, “BAD GERMANS, BAD!!!”

The dirty girlfriend of Rob from Nekromantik, Beatrice M., makes an appearance in Wings of Desire as a girl looking to sell her tail. I think I prefer her performance in Nekromantik much more. In fact, I enjoy the film Nekromantik much more than Wings of Desire. Wings of Desire seems to lack a certain power that films like Nekromantik radiate (and I am not talking about necrophilia). I seriously doubt Nekromantik director Jörg Buttgereit feels like he owes any special group of people an apology.

The best scene featured in Wings of Desire is when the fallen angel Damiel finally confronts the girl he has been stalking for so long. He does that while Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are performing. The combination of climatic music go perfect with the overall intensity of the scene. That being said, It makes me wonder whether or not the next time I watch Wings of Desire, I should just forward to the end of the film.

-Ty E

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