Dec 30, 2008

SS Hell Camp

Soiled Sinema is no stranger to the concept of Nazi exploitation, or also "Nazisploitation". In these films we find solace in gratuitous sexual violence and inexplicable tortures. In theory, they're the equivalent of your average exploitation film or cult horror. It's in the political vein that the film loses the label of your average trash piece. SS Hell Camp or rather, The Beast in Heat is one of the original video nasties directed by Italian Luigi Batzella.

When directing a film, one injects his own influences and voices his/her opinions. Directing is among the most artistically pleasing careers (or hobbies) with many directions to branch. As Jan Svankmajer calmly explained, art is all but dead. I'd have to agree with this assumption for the most part. There's no reason to indicate an artistic movement of the new millennium and there's only reasons to look back. With SS Hell Camp, Batzella pursued her own ethnic goals and decided to cast an all Italian cast complete with Nazi uniforms that don't fit.

We're all familiar with the gross exaggerations of World War II. The theory of an Aryan "superman" is attempted in this film by our lead villain, Dr. Ellen "Not Ilsa" Kratsch. In her failed evil Nazi experimentation, a synthetic pink goo is injected into a man to create a rabid Neanderthal rapist whose own instincts are fuck & kill, mostly like man, but a bit more primitive. Even for an idea to up the ante of sexual violence, this disastrous addition is considered the main obstacle, but only appears for a total of 6 minutes screen time (estimated).

Now down to the only real highlights this film has; violence. To be a special effects wiz, now there's an achievement. Many can get by but few can master the art of practical effects. For every horror film, there are three more videos on how to create your own personal blend of fake blood, mostly by using Karo syrup and food coloring. SS Hell Camp has some of the progressively worse special effects I've ever seen. Close shots to obviously fake nails being plucked off, not out.

On terms of spectacle, SS Hell Camp has none. Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS has castration, heavy themes of feminism, and hatred for men all going for it. The film is the icon of Nazisploitation for a reason. It's one thing to be a valid attempt at creating sleaze, but when the sleaze itself is not the film contents, but the film making? That's a true problem. This is a laughable and cowardly attempt at creating something offensive.


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