Dec 20, 2008

Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools is a nice little short film directed by Danny Ledonne from a story written by Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber. The short tells the tale of a group of seamen (sea “people” to be in tune with the theme of the film) as they head north to ultimately face death by drowning. The reason why this “diverse” group of individuals are on their way to die is because they care more for complaining about petty individual problems than more important things (like preventing death). The short film was done uniquely with Lego figures on a toy ship. Using the toys of children instead of real actors was quite appropriate as the seamen are childlike in their demands.

Everyone is a victim nowadays. Chances are if you’re living and breathing (and not a heterosexual Anglo male) you qualify for victim status! Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, Ageism, and other inequalities are all horrible forms of cancer that plague our society today! Or at least the seamen featured in Ships of Fools believe so. The main agitator of the ship is your typical impotent and hostile liberal college professor. He rallies the seamen to make protests to the ship's captain. Naturally, the seaman spout childish ad hominem attacks and slurs typical of irrational “victim” behavior.

The Unabomber may have been off his rocker, but he sure understands American society better than the average Joe American. Seeing how the college professor is portrayed in Ships of Fools, it is quite obvious why he sent homemade bombs to real ones. Kacyznski’s characterization of the college professor is realistic. Most of these sad individuals should be institutionalized so that they don’t damage other minds like their own. It is no surprise that members of the hippy liberal terrorist group the Weather Underground have now taken up the teaching profession.

Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools
has the beaner that demands to speak “Spanish” instead of “English.” The short also has a “native” American that demands reparations for the stealing of his “ancestral lands” and a fruit that demands to “suck cock openly.” And one can’t forget the monkey that was kicked by an evil human being! Ship of Fools is a short about contemporary America as a whole right now. All these Gay rights parades nowadays are quite unnecessary and counterproductive considering our nations current state. So are all those illegal aliens demanding full rights and other handouts. America is going down the shitter and no one seems to care. They only care about not being labeled a “fascist” or a “homophobe.”

The media masters, the same individuals that promote these “special” interest groups, are also related to the same people that are flushing America down the drain. These petty “equality” activists are just tools for those subversive individuals with larger and more corrosive goals. If only someone would shut these people's mouths for them and actually do what needs to be done to save America. But in America, we are a Neo-Marxist slaughterhouse of cattle ripe for butchering.

-Ty E

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