Dec 28, 2008

S&M Hunter

Bondage and Superhero are two terms that normally don't mix unless you are viewing Sentai pinku or digging deep enough in Japanese fetishdom. Since both S&M Hunter and Sentai pinku come from the same culture, maybe it's best that you familiarize yourself with the term pinku and the variety of pleasurable oddities it provides. Pinku is a style of softcore theatrical film. Most catering to the fetishists in us. Always vulgar and always appealing, even in a disgusting sense. The most popular subsidiary's of pinku include rape and Japanese rope bondage, which is a lost art. This is how S&M Hunter springs to mind.

A caped bondage superhero simply dubbed S&M Hunter has been recruited by a man to retrieve his gay partner from an all girl gang called The Bombers. These women have kidnapped his partner for forced sex in order to get back at the species they hate; men. These fiery feminazis (taken too literal at one point) have literally been raping the kidnapped man for days. Now this may be every mans dream. Naked women arm-wrestling over a blade towards the prize of fucking a male that is submissed on a table with no where to go. These leatherheads claim to hate men but their actions prove they are needed. This is a recurring message throughout S&M Hunter. Despite being sexy smut, S&M Hunter is laced with intricate lines from what could be poetry detailing the weaker traits of the female.

S&M Hunter is yet another showcase of the Japanese obsession with Nazi regalia. In most pinku films, the swastika flows freely as a sign of forecoming and current themes rooted in breaking taboos. S&M Hunter is a vulgar exercise in the art of the fetish. While letting off a scent of the serious topic, things get increasingly wacky, creating a manga-like experience for all those that are involved. A low budget badge is something to wear proud. The effects of the rope play are prodigious, only strengthened by the enigmatic anti-lead of the S&M Hunter.

Just when things were looking rough for the pinku market on American soil, the new office of Pink Eiga has opened up, thus opening our options extremely in turn. Sporting such provocative and outrageous material as Semen Demon and Whore Hospital, my only recommendation for this company is to pick up the license for the masterpiece of pinku cinema - Captured for Sex 2. S&M Hunter is everything that I could imagine or desire from a self-referential sex piece that features wonderful rope artistry. And the finale where the Dungeon Master's revelation considers you, the viewer, to be the ultimate sadist? That's a legendary scene in meta film making. If you weren't a sadist, why else would you be curious about a film such as this?



Anonymous said...

"In most pinku films, the swastika flows freely..."

Bit of an overstatement don't you think?

Soiled Sinema said...

No, It isn't.
Even in "semi-normal" Japanese filth, is the swastika evident for absolutely no cause.

See also: All Night Long

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's a pretty stupid overstatement. Obsiously, you don't have watched that much pinku.

Soiled Sinema said...

Perhaps you're right. Maybe I "don't have watched" enough.