Dec 15, 2008


If you're feeling generous enough to tell me that a film "so bad it's good" doesn't exist, I'll direct you to the nearest copy of Full Moon/Big City's Ragdoll. Perhaps the most pitiful film attempting to capture the soul of urban society, Ragdoll remains a foul embarrassment to Africans all over the globe with Jiggaboo Jones following for a close second. When Big City Pictures banded together, they began releasing Full Moon budgeted films directed towards the "urban" crowd such as Ragdoll, Killjoy & Killjoy 2, and The Horrible Doctor Bones. I don't need to point out how bad their experiment failed, do I?

Ragdoll is one of the most ill-received films in the Full Moon lexicon. Whereas more hatred should be channeled to the likes of the last 3 Puppet Master films and anything that has come out in the past year, people decide to "player hate" on Ragdoll for "tellin' it like it is, dawg". While Ragdoll consists of A) The most atrocious acting this side of America and B) The worst editing known to man, I still derive so much satisfaction at watching these crazy Negroes stumble around talking about rap and voodoo magic.

Big Pere is the local crime boss. He wants to control the success of Kwame's rap group. In retaliation, Kwame' sends a rather rude shout-out to Big Pere one night at a local concert. When a group of thugs send his witch doctor grandmother into critical care, Kwame' invokes the magic of the killing kind and summons the Shadow Man to possess a Ragdoll into murdering each of their black asses. The contingency of the plot is water thin. Nothing is explained as to how Gran is his grandmother and what happened to Kwame's mother.

The Ragdoll is controlled by the worst animatronic crew I've never heard of. It scuttles around the floor with a plastic looking knife shrieking a sound never quite heard before. It sounds sort of like what I'd imagine a rabid Ewok sounding like. I prefer the mental image of a blood thirsty African doll though. This isn't Tales from the Hood, no matter how much it tries to be.

I first picked up Ragdoll at a pawn shop in the neighboring shopping center. The level of how much I enjoyed this film came as a great shock to me. I found Ragdoll to be quotable, absurd, retarded, laughably-bad, and an all around great time. I've shown this film to some select friends. Some liked it, others condemned me to get face cancer. Either way you look at it, Ragdoll is what it is and excels at doing just that. With no visual direction, It's safe to say the fictional characters of Kwame' and co. got washed out in Hurricane Katrina. Too soon?


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