Dec 15, 2008


Part of the influx of the mass-produced "Maneater" series comes Prey, a film that is attempting to steal the fame and following of the definitive lion film The Ghost and the Darkness. This Weinstein funded film has been deemed a Blockbuster exclusive and only available in said rental chains even though it's rarely enforced. With the cover showing a deformed bloody roaring lion and branding the name Peter Weller, the idea of Robocop shooting lions sounds promising enough. What we're given is a formulaic half-assed splicing of Cujo and Jaws. The result is forgetful, embarrassing, and undeniably generic.

Given the nature of the female and two children being trapped in a Safari jeep pursued and stalked by a family of predators, one would think of Jurassic Park's paternal themes. Although Steven Spielberg's film Jurassic Park was a groundbreaking film, the children were constantly cluttering the blockbuster's ability to amaze. Well in Prey, the children featured are ever worse than the last. Taking the "rebel bitchy teen" stereotype from the like of War of the Worlds (2005) and implementing it and altering it to fit the Hannah Montana age, the result is a female 16 year old we can all agree upon wanting her to die. Sadly, she lives to see another day. The only likable character is the African poacher who dies as soon as you warm up to him.

A dysfunctional nuclear family goes on a working vacation in Africa so Peter Weller may roam around doing business tycoon things. To strengthen the mother/daughter bond, the new step-mom takes the children on a safari to watch beautiful specimens gallop around in circles. The idea of lions attacking seems far from ordinary so the tour guide gets the film started by getting devoured. Of course he takes the keys with him. How else do you expect to waste film? From here, the plot only gets more and more manufactured. Mother gets keys, drives car in a frenzy only to crash it thus furthering the run time yet again (Dumb woman should have stayed in the kitchen).

The Lion is an elegant species of feline. I respect the primal instincts of the lion as well as the territorial issue. The Lion is one of the more gorgeous endangered species. For man to trek on their natural habitat with their zebra-striped vehicle, how can they not expect nature to strike back. If a lion were to explore a nice suburban neighborhood, panic would ensue. This all comes down to the aggravating topic of animal rights in which no one should have a say. Point being, I find the lions to be justified in their brutal murders of sad humanity. It spices things up a bit, don't you know.

(B.) The film Prey. (A.) Your attention span.

Nods to an influence are a gracious thing. Down right scamming your inspirations is another thing. Peter Weller, upon noticing the disappearance of his family goes and finds a "Quint" to help track his family. I was waiting for the grizzly male to state "We're going to need a bigger jeep" throughout the film. Sometimes, being a greedy sleaze bag has its payoffs to society. To which we owe the Weinstein brothers for making Prey an exclusive film. Had the rights been universal, more people would have been inflicted with the brash stupidity that this film offers. Want to see how to make a horror film completely wrong? Watch Prey. Value your time and money? Ignore Prey and watch The Ghost and the Darkness again.


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