Dec 15, 2008

The Pest

Wow. Where do I begin on this comedic curiosity? I'll start with the obvious. The Pest is perhaps the most fucking retarded film I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. New grounds are broken in terms of "awful" film making. I first saw The Pest around 3 years ago. I remember thinking it was a truly funny film. I kept this in mind when I rewatched it this past week. You know that feeling when you look at yourself in the past and get disgusted with the past you? I encountered that when I realized that I thought The Pest was comedic in an honest way.

If anything, The Pest is only really good for the impromptu musical opening. The rest is utter garbage that one cannot help but facepalm in the general direction of any of the cast/crew for participating in this monstrosity. They should have saw this coming. Armed with an arsenal of pro-Jewish/anti-German gags, this film can easily be dissected as a German hate piece. "Evil homosexual German" this, "Poor Jew" that. Even for the overly-sympathetic, this gets murderously irritating fast. The writer David Bar Katz, being a noted Jew, doesn't waste any time glorifying the Jews in an over-exempt amount of scenes that stretches across the entire run time. The punchline never comes either.

The Pest retains some charm in its spin-off of The Most Dangerous Game. The pathetic part is that I recognize The Pest as being more accomplished than Ice T's Surviving the Game (You just lost it). Gary Busey's maniacal yells and sneer could make me cry any day. I'll regard The Pest as one of the worst comedies ever created from here on out. The proceeding events don't sit well with me but I favor The Pest over Surviving the Game and that's something I'd never want to admit. John Leguizamo is a universally adept actor . The exigency of accepting him starring in The Pest is becoming quite a chore. I hope that Leguizamo decided to fire his agent after this film.

Himmel is his Nazi father's son and that's the way he'd put it. He is a raging homosexual who enjoys phallic imagery and seducing his father's hunting subjects. He'd rather pet snakes and mutter German sexual obscenities than murder poor Latino scam artists. The Pest features some of the worst jokes ever committed to celluloid performed by John Leguizamo. If you thought Corky Romano was bad, think again. Even though The Pest is a brand of humor for vegetables, I still found myself entertained enough to finish it. The level of stupidity it reaches can be deemed brilliant by few, but I don't think I ever want to watch this film again. Proceed with caution.


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